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Loud Sisters Crying over Shmi's Death by MetalBrony823 Loud Sisters Crying over Shmi's Death :iconmetalbrony823:MetalBrony823 0 2
Mature content
Lincoln is Done Chapter 6: Sad Thoughts at Home :iconmetalbrony823:MetalBrony823 1 0
Special Sibling Bond Chapter 17: The Contest
Lincoln could hardly believe that Chandler, the most popular boy in school, would be in a place such as the Ace Savvy convention. Honestly, Lincoln did not expect that from a snobbish boy like this one here. "So... what's up?" he asked flatly with a smirk.
Glaring, Lincoln replied "hmph, just going to see the creator of Ace Savvy, and spending a good time with my family." Then he crossed his arms boldly, and with confidence
All the Loud a Family happily cheered, and promptly agreed. Luna was the one who stuck up for him the most. "So, you are the guy who gives my little bro trouble from time to time, huh?" She said in a threatening voice.
Raising one eyebrow, Chandler just said. "Maybe. Anyway, this is your family huh? What a circus."
What he said insulted all of them.
"Who are you calling a circus, bub?" Lola threatened with her fist clenched at him.
"ph come on, I was just having a little fun here." Chandler noted.
"yeah right." Lori shrugged. "I literally wish I can believe that."
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Special Sibling Bond Chapter 16: Comic Con Trip
A number of days have passed since Lincoln and Luna's amazing guitar performance at the local nightclub. Everyone, borderline everyone loved it. Everyone in the Loud Family was really proud of Lincoln at how well he can play his guitar, and the same thing with Luna and her playing.
Perhaps, this could make Lincoln a little in the town of Royal Woods. He thought if only he could perform at his school, in front of the auditorium. Perhaps when summer's over, and school was back in session, perhaps he will get that chance.
As of the moment, Lincoln was playing Skyrim with his pals online, trying to kill a group of hag-ravens in a forsworn hideout. So far, Lincoln was doing really good at this level, along with Clyde, Rusty, and Liam on there. After all of that was done, there was the briarheart. It wasn't easy, but eventually, they all killed him, gaining the treasure and gold.
"ooh, this sword looks really nice." Said Clyde.
"and this bow! Never thought there would be a powerful Daedric b
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Special Sibling Bond Chapter 15: Guitar Duet
Another day passed since the mysterious fog came to Royal Woods. Indeed, it looked rather spooky. It at least it didn't have any scary monsters from another dimension like in a Stephen King type of world. Lincoln and Ronnie Anne had a very fun time together in the Loud House.
It did feel like indoor camping inside the attack with the really long blanket and the lantern.
However, the fog was gone, and the power came back the following morning. Right now, Luna was just walking past the hallway, and went downstairs to get herself a cup of pudding.
While in the kitchen, she just took the first bite of the chocolate pudding where she saw Lincoln on the couch, reading some kind of book. "Hey, bro." She said, sitting next to him. "Whatcha doing?"
"Oh you know, Luna." Said Lincoln. "I'm just looking at my old memory book." Luna peeked over and noticed that he was looking at the pages that featured him and Luna in many pictures over the past.
"Aww, that's sweet, Lincoln." Said Luna. Then she no
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Special Sibling Bond Chapter 14: Copping with Fog
Lincoln and Ronnie Anne were having a really good time together after watching the end of the Mummy. Luna was also happy as he sat right next to him on his other side. They, and the other loud siblings had a real good time together, too. Lori asked of they wanted to watch another movie, and Lincoln said "what about Gremlins? That's a timeless classic."
An agreement was heard from his sisters and his girlfriend "That sounds good. Besides, Gizmo is sooo adorable." Said Ronnie Anne. "Oh I just wish I can pick up that little guy and hug him to death."
"I know, if only mogwai were real, then I would die happy!" Said Lola. "I could dress Gizmo up in my wardrobe and have some tea together." Then Lola began daydreaming about what life would be like of she and Gizmo, or at least another mogwai was with her."
"Uh hello!" Lana said "Gizmo can't drink or touch water. You should know that by now, Lola. Besides, he wouldn't want to drink tea anyway."
"Oh really?" Lola replied, highly offended by wha
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Ace Of Spades as the Full House Gang's Theme Song
I was thinking about a perfect theme song for the Full House gang from the Loud House. I remember seeing how awesome the episode "Pulp Friction" was, and that the sisters were nice enough to help Lincoln get the comic submitted. Anyway, I was thinking "Ace of Spades" by Motorhead would be a great theme song for them. After all, they both involve card games. What do you all think?
:iconmetalbrony823:MetalBrony823 2 0
Mature content
Lincoln is Done chapter 5: Luna Copes with Lincoln :iconmetalbrony823:MetalBrony823 1 0
Mature content
Lincoln is Done chapter 4: Guilt Tripping :iconmetalbrony823:MetalBrony823 2 0
Special Sibling Bond Chapter 13: Foggy Adventure
Boy oh boy, this fog was definitely looking dangerous, for it was getting thicker and thicker in every minute of it. Through the eerie-looking mist that was covering much of the city of Royal Woods, Lincoln and Luna carefully wondered through it, and it was a good thing because they had the fishing wire strapped to their waists so they wouldn't get lost trying to get Ronnie Anne from her house to theirs. This fog absolutely looked eerie alright. Something out of a book by HP Lovecraft, or something like that. More like a Stephen King novel to be precise. Of course, the monsters he created in his books were only literature, and not real at all.
While being careful of his surroundings, Lincoln moved his eyes around to and fro and saw a number of lights from their posts. A small amount of butterflies were fluttering around in his stomach. That probably wasn't enough to describe it, more like a small group of swallows were flying in it instead.
His big sister kept him close to her, and mad
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Special Sibling Bond Chapter 12: Foggy Day
Another day passed since Lincoln's little nightmare about that Hellish game called Agony, and played it when his parents explicitly told him not to do so in the first place. One thing was for certain, Lincoln definitely had one of the worst nightmares he had on his life. Nonetheless. It was all behind him, and it didn't scar him for life (fully)
Right now, Lincoln, who was still in Luna's bed, was still snoozing, softly snoring.
Luna got up before him and slowly sat up with a cute yawn while stretching her arms in the air. She looked over at her little brother, still sleeping under the covers with only, his head still visible, and smiled warmly at him. "Aww, the little dude looks so cute when he's sleeping." She thought to herself.
the next thing she did was gently, and slowly striking his white hair down like a dog or a cat, and then Luna gently placed her hand on his body.
"Lincoln." She sang so softly "Linkyyy."
Her little brother slowly began to stir to, and sighed softly as he was
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Special Sibling Bond Chapter 11: Scary Game
Another day passed, and it was a good camping trip for Lincoln, Luna, Clyde, and his homosexual fathers. Even though the kids were under threat by the large alpha wolf and his pack, it turned out to be kind of fun for all of them, and it kind of felt like being in a survival horror movie and such. Lincoln was looking up this online game that just came out called Agony. This was a survival horror video game that would take horror to the next level. Reason is because it is about a tormented soul in the pits of Hell and is trying to get out of it, maybe a game that Lucy would love to play since she is fond of those kind of things.
One thing worried him, what if his parents won't allow him to play it? Lincoln really wanted to play this game, for he was fund of some horror games like Outlast, Amnesia, Silent Hills, and all that.
It looked really fun to play, many floors covered in bones, and the demons with faces that have no eyes, mouth, or nose, but split in half that make monstrous noise
:iconmetalbrony823:MetalBrony823 4 0
Full House Gang vs Mrs Carmody by MetalBrony823 Full House Gang vs Mrs Carmody :iconmetalbrony823:MetalBrony823 4 0
Mature content
Lincoln is Done Chapter 3: Getting Lincoln Back :iconmetalbrony823:MetalBrony823 1 0
Special Sibling Bond Chapter 10: Wolf Attack
It was awfully dark in the woods. The full moon was out and a wolf was heard howling through the night, with a loon calling out multiple times after that. Lincoln was extra careful trending through this part of the woods in nighttime. Good thing he had a heavy duty flashlight because he definitely had no night vision like a lion or a tiger or bear would have.
Scary as it was going out here, Lincoln had no choice, he had to find Clyde and save him from whatever danger there was in these woods. He knew that going out here without a type of gun wouldn't be safe, he would make this as quick as possible to find his best friend. "Oh Clyde, where are you?" he thought.
The sound of crickets chirping and some wolves howling was making it all the more scary, but then he remembered how his sisters helped him with some situations. He heard a loud snap as he was still walking through the bushes. Startled, he looked down to find a broken tree branch, then he sighed in relief. He thought of the Slend
:iconmetalbrony823:MetalBrony823 2 0
Special Sibling Bond Chapter 9: Great Outdoors
Ah, the great outdoors. Home of the trees growing as high as a two-story building, and home of the animals such as the bears, raccoons, wolves, foxes, and other woodland creatures. Yes, it was a beautiful summer day for Lincoln and Clyde in their little bro-camping trip together, the same for Harold and Howard McBride, and Luna all at once. Nonetheless, Clyde still has a little bit of jealousy and sadness because of Lincoln and Luna hanging out together. Still feeling neglected, he was determined that Lincoln and Clyde have the best camping trip of their lives.
the campfire was just about finished, just a few more rocks and a few more branches and twigs then it will be completely finished to start the fire.
at last when it was finished, Luna promptly swiped her hands in triumph, for she was the one to carry the last stone to the fire. "Cheers, mates." She remarked in her British accent with the devil born gesture formed on her hand.
"well, very nice job, everyone." Said Harold. "Now th
:iconmetalbrony823:MetalBrony823 1 0


Loud House Cosplay 9 by Phillyphil89 Loud House Cosplay 9 :iconphillyphil89:Phillyphil89 3 1 William the Conqueror - HDR Castle by fenuaboy William the Conqueror - HDR Castle :iconfenuaboy:fenuaboy 2 0 William the Conqueror by Orangejuicegod William the Conqueror :iconorangejuicegod:Orangejuicegod 8 12 William the Conqueror by fmr0 William the Conqueror :iconfmr0:fmr0 13 2 Uther the Conqueror by InfernalFinn Uther the Conqueror :iconinfernalfinn:InfernalFinn 142 10 Aubrey de Manche of Duche de Normannus (Norman) by Gambargin Aubrey de Manche of Duche de Normannus (Norman) :icongambargin:Gambargin 299 38 William the Conqueror by InfernalFinn William the Conqueror :iconinfernalfinn:InfernalFinn 156 29 William the Conqueror by PeterDonahue William the Conqueror :iconpeterdonahue:PeterDonahue 7 7 THL-MCR by ZeroString THL-MCR :iconzerostring:ZeroString 18 4 Treasure Hunter by Siker-MiddleVampire Treasure Hunter :iconsiker-middlevampire:Siker-MiddleVampire 3 5 Skyrim - Mournful Giant by RobinOlsen2011 Skyrim - Mournful Giant :iconrobinolsen2011:RobinOlsen2011 9 3 Walking With Giants by Kurumi-Morishita Walking With Giants :iconkurumi-morishita:Kurumi-Morishita 1 0 Giant by outcastofsociety Giant :iconoutcastofsociety:outcastofsociety 1 0 Double trouble by susanzx2000 Double trouble :iconsusanzx2000:susanzx2000 16 15 Rouge The Bat by ApocalypseTitan Rouge The Bat :iconapocalypsetitan:ApocalypseTitan 57 11 Gothic Defender [Happy Birthday Diana] by J-Room Gothic Defender [Happy Birthday Diana] :iconj-room:J-Room 13 1



Loud Sisters Crying over Shmi's Death
Definitely one of the saddest Star Wars deaths I have ever seen. Anakin's poor mother Shmi was abducted by Tusken Raiders during the Attack of the Clones. It was just horrible, however, I see that this was Anakin's first step in becoming the infamous Darth Vader. It almost brought a tear to my eye when this happened, especially when Yoda sensed it, and said "Skywalker is in pain. Terrible pain."

Rights for the Loud House go to Chris Savino
Rights for Star Wars go to George Lucas and Disney

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At home, Lola was being tended to by her parents, comforting her as they were cleaning up her face from the mouth blood from Lincoln's mighty blow. When Lynn Sr and Rita heard of it, they were both equally horrified. By the sound of it, Lincoln was one angry boy right now. They didn't know what to do, except leave him alone to cool off.

"Lola, we specifically told you and the girls not to come with Luna, she said she would try to talk to him alone."

"I know, dad." Lola sniveled. "But the guilt was eating me alive, I couldn't help it." Lola stated. I just wanted to tell Lincoln I was sorry."

Rita cleared her throat and said "Well, now you know how it feels to be hurt like that."

Lola couldn't help but admit her mother was right about what she just said "I do. Now I do feel his pain."

"And besides, sorry isn't always good enough." Lynn Sr said. "You and the rest of your sisters should know that too." then he cleared his throat as if he was going to announce something to Lola "You're grounded for three months now for disobeying me and your mother

"What?!" Lola shrieked "But daddy-!"

"No buts, young lady!" Lynn Sr countered sternly. "And no backtalk either! It's what you get for not listening to me and your mother in the first place."

She never felt so shocked in all her life, and then calmly asked "No TV?"

"Nope." Rita replied. "And still no beauty pageant competing, either."

Realizing it was hard to resist or defy them, Lola had to accept this punishment. They did tell her and the other sisters not to follow Luna when she visited Lincoln again. "What about the others? Minus Luna?"

"We'll see to the rest of them later." the father stated. "For now, we gotta clean you up. Do we need to take you to the hospital, sweetheart?"

"Well, I don't know about that, honey." the mother noted. "That look like nasty blows to the face, but it's nothing so deathly serious. Does it hurt, Lola?"

Lola sniffed her nose in sadness again "What do you think?" then wiped her nose off with her long pink glove. "It does hurt. Should I go to the doctor?"

"I say just rest, sweetie. How many teeth did you lose?"

She bowed her head in shame, and replied "Two. I lost two teeth when Lincoln punched me. But please, please don't call the police on him, he was just mad and-"

"We're not calling the police on him." Lynn Sr reassured. "Lincoln just needs some time to think things over. And besides, you did kind of deserve that, Lola."

"See? I told you it was her fault! how many times do I have to tell you guys?"

"Lana!" the father snapped at her "Don't rub it in her face. She's been through quite enough already." Then she gave her the bag of ice to ease the pain on her face. Maybe the ice was working on her on the outside, but definitely not on the inside

Lana didn't really say anything to Lola, and was silent. Her pets glared at her girly girl twin with pure anger. Lola could plainly see what they were feeling of her within their eyes. It made her all the more guilty. "Thanks dad."

"anytime, pumpkin." Lynn Sr replied. "How do you feel?"

"still pretty scummy and filthy like a hillbilly." Lola admitted sadly.

"Well, we don't know about that." Rita remarked in honestly. "But what we both know is that now you understand how Lincoln feels."

Lola made a sad sigh, and bowed her head again.

"So, if you need any help with anything, please give us a call." Said Lynn Sr. then he pulled out a little hand bell as if Lola would be calling a butler soon. "Use this bell to give us a holler if you need anything."

"okay. Maybe... a nice TV in front of me?"

both parents looked at her with an unamused look. "Nice try." Said Rita plainly. "But our decision is final."

then both of them walked out of the twins bedroom to check on the other kids. "Lola felt like crying softly as usual because of what happened. She never wanted this to happen. "Lana, I tried apologizing to Lincoln, but it didn't work, what am I doing wrong?"

the tomboyish twin made a small sigh, and Hopps, her frog lept off her cap. "Lola. Look," she began. "Lincoln does a lot of things for you, and yet you only are only mean for him in return, and no presents or anything. Not to mention you are a tattletale, and a spoiled little pink demon."

Lola angrily gritted her teeth and sat up "Hey! I asked for professional help, not your honest opinion!" She countered.

"It's true, Lola. You manipulate, pull strings, and intimidate. Anything to get what you want."

after what Lana just said, Lola began to think things over, like the time she blackmailed Lincoln and the sisters to do her bidding because she wanted to be in their Secret Secrets club, or the times she was trying to kill Lincoln, even if it was an accident. Sure she did this with the other siblings, but Lola felt like she did it to Lincoln the most.

The toilet thing from before was the very last straw. And now he completely lost his trust, and brotherly love for her. "Oh, who a, I kidding, Lana." She admitted. "You're right. I'm a monster, and I'm better off dead like Lincoln sakd

then Lana sat up in an instant after hearing the last part Lola just said "whoa whoa whoa, let's not get too ahead of yourself, Lola. I know you feel guilty, but you don't mean trying to kill yourself, do you?"

Lola began shedding tears again. "I think that's best for being a rotten sister to my one and only brother." Them she sobbed into her pillow with makeup dripping from her eyes.

"Don't say that!" Lana begged. "Lincoln will forgive you. But you heard mom and dad, we need to give Lincoln some time to cool himself down a little."

the girly girl twin shoveled again and replied "yeah, maybe. But hopefully he will listen to me."

"he will." Lana said. "Just wait for Lincoln to calm down."

it was silent for a moment, but Lola finally replied "i caused all this, and now I have to face the spotlight for it." Then she buried herself under the covers as she was trying to take a nap with that bag of ice still on her face.

Meanwhile, Luna was looking out the window in the living room again. Of course, she was thinking about Lincoln, wishing he would just come back home already. She pulled out her locket and felt like shedding tears again.

Welll at least Lincoln was starting to slowly open his eyes on what he was doing. At least, he was starting to feel regret about leaving Luna.

then a small touch of anger and fury began rushing through within her veins. She was still mad at Lola since Lincoln leaving and disowning her and the others was all her fault. Then Luna felt a small hand gently touching her calf.

It was Lily, looking more than depressed and melancholy herself because her one and only brother was not in the house anymore. In a sad voice, she said "Linky." Luna gently picked her up and held Lily in her arms

"I know, Lily. I know. I miss Lincoln too." And she made a growl "I just wish I can take Lola's tiara, and shove it right into her-". It before Luna could finish, she realized she forgot about the baby for a second. "Sorry, I shouldn't say language like that."

"Luna." Said the father coming down the stairs with the mother to check on their third oldest daughter. "You alright?"

she said and replied "no. I just want Lincoln back."

"Linky." Lily repeated. Rita gently pulled the baby close to her, and cradled her in her own arms.

"Oh Luna, we know how you feel, and we feel just the same way as you, but the least we can do is leave him alone for a while until his anger is completely gone, the he'll forgive us." Rita noted.

"So Lincoln was starting to feel guilty you say?" Asked Lynn Sr

"yeah, Lincoln was crying on the bed, and I hated to see him like this." Luna made another sigh. "But I think he is starting to forgive me." The parents smiled to hear the news.

"that's good, just please wait a little longer and Lincoln will completely forget why he's mad in the first place." Rita noted.

Luna made a small, sad smile on her face, and said "I think you're right. So, how's Lola doing?"

"she is not doing so good. Lincoln really landed a powerful punch at her face."

"Good. Now she can suffer with Lincoln! I just wish I could have punched that little bugger myself!"

"Luna," said the mom. "Please, you hitting her would not help at anything, and you know that, right?"

she really hated to admit it, but Luna said "I know."

"guys." Said Lucy, scaring the other four family members.

"my god, Lucy!" Luna said with irritation. "I hate it when you do that!"

"sorry, I just wanted to see the window and look on at Clyde's house from over here." The goth girl noted. "Even though I do love dad, evil, and gloomy stuff, it is not the same with our one and only brother." Then Lucy let out a "Sigh" a dance. Black tear fell fro, her face.

"come here, Lucy." Then Luna opened her arms, then she and Lucy hugged each other very tightly, and only hoped that Lincoln would come back home wheee he belongs.

"I know he'll be back, I just know it." Lucy remarked. "Hopefully sometime soon." Then the goth girl looked out the window at Clyde's house again. "I'm so worried about him." Lucy gently placed her hand on the glass. "Look, Luna, I'm sorry if I followed you to Clyde's house, but I really wanted to see my brother."

"It's okay. I was just mad."

meanwhile Lori and Leni were sitting sadly on the beds in their room. Lori told Bobby, her boyfriend about what happened, and he sent a text message saying how shocked he was.

Then Lori called him on the phone. When Bobby got a hold on the line, he said "Babe, did this really just happen."

"Yes," the oldest sister sadly admitted. "Lincoln disowned us all and wants nothing to do with us anymore. Grr, I feel like such a dirty whore right now!" Then She started to sound angry.

Bobby gasped on the other line. "Don't say that, babe!" He said "you're a great older sister."

"But I call Lincoln a twerp and I can be mean to him at times." She sighed "And I am supposed to be my siblings role-model since I am the oldest.

"Oh come on. It's perfectly normal. I so,times call my sister a twerp too, and she doesn't mind."

"well Lincoln does, and he always suffers from my abuse. "Now I wish I can just kill myself."

"Babe!" Said Bobby. More than shocked to hear that. "You don't mean that! It won't help, and I will miss you. Without you, I am a shattered, shell of a man. Lincoln will co,e back, just watch."

"I don't think he will." Lori sighed "because of me."

"look, I know you would never commit suicide. We both know that it won't help anything." Bobby reminded. "Please just stay strong, and be brave for me. I know you will. Because you are the best girlfriend a guy like me can ever ask for

"oh boo boo bear." Lori felt like shedding tears of joy now. "I love you."

"I love you too, babe. And maybe I'll stop by Lincoln at Clyde's house and see how he's doing, and maybe bring Ronnie Anne with me, since she is his girlfriend."

"good. See you soon."

"bye babe." Then They both hung up. The guilt still didn't leave her, and still had thoughts of killing herself from the last actions she did with Lincoln. "Leni, am I a good sister?"

"of course. We all love Lincoln, right?"


"and don't kill yourself, I would lose my head if you did that. Lori, I don't know what I would be without you. You and me, we're like besties, but we're sisters." Leni reassured. "And I just hope that Lincoln will come back. He might get eaten by a pack of moose."

Lori had a confused look on her face, and face-palmed herself in irritation. "Seriously, moose?"

"yeah, or evil forest elf gnomes!" Leno added

this just made Lori even more annoyed, But, Leni was Leni, and she had to accept her for what she is.

and then Lynn was in her room, thinking about how rough she was on Lincoln, such as the Dutch ovens, and the beatings and roughhousing, and all of those sporty activities. "A, I really a bully to him?" She thought.

then she felt a few suicidal thoughts coming to her too. She looked at the picture of him and Lincoln playing baseball together when they were little, and then the picture where she was playing tag with Lincoln when she was only eight.

"I know." Said Lucy, scaring Lynn with her teleportation skills. "I miss him too. But I can imagine that deep down, he misses all of us on the inside."

"I don't think he misses me." Lynn said in a sad tone-of-voice. "I am such a bully to Lincoln, and maybe I should just kill myself so I never have to hurt him again.

"No!" Lucy said "you do not mean that."

"well, I am such a bully, and I only cause pain and emotional distress for Lincoln."

"no, that is not true. I have seen your help Lincoln in situations before." Lucy reminded

"well... I think I am a disease to him, nothing more." Then she began crying into Lucy's shirt, with the goth girl comforting her softly. But still, suicidal thoughts began erupting through her head.
Lincoln is Done Chapter 6: Sad Thoughts at Home
The parents heard about what the other kids did at the McBride residence and then grounded Lola big time while tending her wounds where Lincoln brutally punched and kicked her at.

Rights for the Loud House go to Chris Savino
Rights for the story go to me
Lincoln could hardly believe that Chandler, the most popular boy in school, would be in a place such as the Ace Savvy convention. Honestly, Lincoln did not expect that from a snobbish boy like this one here. "So... what's up?" he asked flatly with a smirk.

Glaring, Lincoln replied "hmph, just going to see the creator of Ace Savvy, and spending a good time with my family." Then he crossed his arms boldly, and with confidence

All the Loud a Family happily cheered, and promptly agreed. Luna was the one who stuck up for him the most. "So, you are the guy who gives my little bro trouble from time to time, huh?" She said in a threatening voice.

Raising one eyebrow, Chandler just said. "Maybe. Anyway, this is your family huh? What a circus."

What he said insulted all of them.

"Who are you calling a circus, bub?" Lola threatened with her fist clenched at him.

"ph come on, I was just having a little fun here." Chandler noted.

"yeah right." Lori shrugged. "I literally wish I can believe that."

"Why are you even here, you miserable waste of a human being?"

Chandler had a look of irritation on his face, with a dash of slight anger. "Don't be rude. I just thought I would say hello and meet your family. And why I am here is because I am entering the costume contest to meet Bill Buck."

"You? You are a fan of Ace Savvy?" Asked Lana

"yep. Now I know what you are all thinking; How can a popular and handsome boy like moi like comic books? Well, I have been reading him ever since I was five, and I never got tired of him one bit. Oh, all in my life I wanted to meet Bill Buck and say how much of a big fan I am of what he created, dude."

"Oh please." Said Luan in complete doubt. "Lincoln has been reading the Ace Savvy Comics since nice he was four years old. What do you think of that? Like if Iron Man and Silver Surfer team up, they would be alloys. Hahaha!"

everyone in the family groaned in irritation from yet another horrible joke from Luan

"hahaha, very funny. But I have a joke of my own: who is annoying and a girl who is a Robin Williams wannabe? Oh yeah, You!"

"Hey, how dare you talk to me daughter like that!" Rita stepped up.

"You should really get some help those wrinkles under your eyes, old lady." Chandler insulted the mother.

Feeling so stunned and hurt, Rita tried to charge at him full of zeal, but all the family members stopped him.

When Arita finally calmed herself down, Lynn said "You got a big mouth you twerp!" And jabbed her fingers on his chest really hard-like

Not terrified by this, Chandler made another smirk, and replied "You must be Lynn. I heard that you dream of becoming a famous athlete like Michael Jordan is, well guess what,"

"What?" Lynn asked begrudgingly

"You'll just end up like OJ Simpson, and ruin your whole life, just like OJ Simpson did. Have fun in jail you pathetic excuse for an athlete."

Never has Lynn been so hurt, angry, and disgusted in all her entire life. Her face grew a very bright and warm red. She tried to touch him so she could kill him by strangling her to death.

"Lynn stop!" Lincoln intervened. "Please it's not worth it. Chandler's just trying to get under your skin."

It took a while for Lynn to calm down, but when she did, Luna said "how can you be sure you'll win the contest?"

"because I am amazing." Chandler gloated. "I'm cool, popular, and handsome."

"more like Narcissistic." Lisa muttered. The boy obviously heard that scowled at her.

"Well, I am going to win, because I am Ace a Savvy's biggest fan, and I was the one who created the Royal Flush Gang. Bill Buck even said I was his biggest fan"

"oh whatever! The Royal Flush gang was a big mistake for the Ace Savvy. Thanks you you, the comic series are ruined."

"No! Everyone loves my creation, and I even had a few fan mail letter about that."

"whatever. I don't really have time with you losers anyway." Chandler scoffed and went with his dad.

"Come on, son, let's get some hot dogs." Said the father. As Chandler went with his old man, he stuck his tongue out to the family that he hated.

"Wow, he is such a jerk." Said Lucy

"Boo!" Lily exclaimed in hatred and anger.

"Yeah, how can someone like him be so mean to us?" Leni asked with a pout.

"I know. Maybe school is one thing, but when he messes with Lincoln, he messes with us." Lynn Sr remarked in anger.

"Well, don't lay attention to him, Lincoln." Luna reassured him, gently patting his back. "I thought it was an awesome idea you made the Royal Flush Gang, and inspired it with us. I'm really grateful for that, dude."

"Thank you, Luna."

"Yeah, I agree with Luna." Lucy stepped in. "It did kinda made us famous."

"and we had our own merchandise before." Lori added. And the other family members comforted Lincoln, showing their love once again, with Luna showing the most of it.

"Thank you guys. You're the best." And the family hugged Lincoln to show gratitude and more love for him. Yes, Lincoln felt more than lucky to be with this kind of family, always supportive, and always there for him.

"Well! Look who it is!" Said a familiar voice. It was the mastermind behind Ace Savvy himself, Bill Buck, looking more than happy to see his biggest fan and family come to his convention.

"Mr Buck!" Lincoln said with joy. "Nice to see you again, sir." And they shook hands together.

"how is my number one fan doing at the moment?"

"Awesome! I am entering the costume contest!"

"good for you." And he turned his attention to all his sisters. "And welcome to you Full House Gang."

and the sisters said hello to him one at a time. "I'm going to be Lincoln's partner for the contest, Mr. Buck" Luna pointed

"wow, that would be even more amazing. Speaking of which, many fans in here notice you guys, and want their autographs from you all."

"Autographs?" Lola said "where do we sign them?"

Bill led them to a large table at the front, with a background of Lincoln's cover of his comic book behind it. The line was so large that it went for many yards across the building.

When the fans saw Lincoln and his sisters, they all cheered at the top of their lungs, and the siblings were all more than proud to sign autographs for all of them.

"Just look at our kids, honey." Said Rita. "Already famous for being in a comic book."

"yep, it makes me so proud to see them rise to stardom." Lynn Sr agreed with his wife. "Kids, they grow up so fast.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, The Full House Gang!" Bill Buck announced, holding Lincoln's arm up like in a wrestling match. The crowd went absolutely wild for them all, and the siblings felt more proud to attend this convention.

"Thank you all very much, you are all too kind." Lincoln said proudly. All of them began signing their signatures on paper after paper from fan to fan. By the look of that line, it might make them a little sore in the morning

"So Bill,"

"yeah, kiddo?"

"Me and Luna were thinking of a theme song for us."

"Really?" Said the creator in fascination. "What might that be?"

"Ace of Spades by Motörhead!" Luna answered with a rock pose.

"I think that is a good idea. Of course, I would have to ask the company or the past members if I could use it, but it's worth a shot. I don't want to get sued for copyright violations."

"oh, I understand. But I think that theme would be perfect." Lincoln said

"And it's literally about cards." Lori added

"I am very familiar with that song, Lori, and I say that is a perfect match for a theme song for you guys. So Lincoln, how do you feel about this?"

"very confident."


"By the way, Luna was wondering if she could perform the song here at the convention with her guitar."

"sure thing, Luna. Go for it."

"Yeah! That's what I'm talking about." Luna exclaimed in triumph in her rock pose again. "So when does the contest start?"

"Not long now. Just sign on that check board on their, and you are officially contestants for it." Bill said

In a flash of lightning, Lincoln rushed at the desk where the check board is, and wrote his first and last name on it with a pen. "Hey Luna, come on! You gotta sign your name, too!"

"Got it, Linc!" Luna called back to him, and went to his side. As she signed her name, she noticed something odd about her brother. "You okay, bro?" She asked him

"Yeah, why?"

"you look kinda troubled."

"well... I am a little nervous about this. Not to mention that Chandler is here and he might ruin everything for us." Lincoln admitted. "What if he kills our fame?"

"come on, buddy." Luna reassured. "That Chandler is nothing than an ego maniac, and a boneheaded little elf."

"I guess so. And he doesn't have sisters like I have."

Luna smiled. "There, you see. You will have nothing to worry about. I promise you that I will always be there for you if you need me, and I will be at your side in the competition."

"Right. Thanks Luna." Then they both hugged each other.

"You're welcome, bro." She replied softly to him

"well, isn't that nice?" Said a voice that sounded like he was mocking the two in their moment. It was Chandler, looking snobbish as before. Both Lincoln and Luna glared at him again. "It's so touching it makes me want to puke out my own blood. Anywho, see you in the loser circle, Lincoln Loud." And he walked away.

"We'll beat him, Lincoln. Just believe in yourself." Luna reminded

"right, I won't let him get under my skin."

"Now that is the kind of talk a winner would say!" Luna congratulated and encouraged him, and she patted him on the back. "Come on, let's get back to our family and tell them we have signed up for the event."

"Gotcha." Then they were both more than ready for the contest to begin, which happen sooner than they all think. Lincoln was a little nervous, it Luna was there to help overcome his stage fright, and everyone loves Lincoln for creating the Royal Flush gang.

there was absolutely no problem, and the only thing that is only a minor problem was that Chandler boy.

Bill Buck was more than happy to stand on the microphone stand, and make the announcement. He promptly, cleared his throat, and began "Hello Royal Woods Comic Con! I bid welcome to all fans of Ace Savvy!" And there was a tremendous uproar of cheering being heard. "Now, I am happy to announce the sixth annual Costume Contest. The winner will receive a thousand dollar reward."

And more cheering was heard. Lincoln and Luna were even more excited to hear the news and be apart of the event.

"All contestants, come on up stage, please." Then Lincoln, Luna, and the other contestants that signed on the flyer went on stage, in nest, orderly line. While giving out the contestants names, Lincoln looked at Chandler again, and still had that smug look on his evil face. He also saw another person next to him dressed as Snake Eyes's sidekick, Jackpot. It looked like a teenager with regular length hair, and he looked a little terrifying.

"It's okay, bro. I'm here." Luna reassured

"thanks, Luna."

then Both of them were up next. "You all recognize him as the creator of the Full House Gang, and his sister as the Night Club, Lincoln Loud and his big sister Luna Loud." And the crowd cheered even louder when they heard their names. Yes, but the sound of that, Lincoln made a big contribution.

"let us hear it for my biggest fan." And more cheering was heard. And the ones cheering the most of course, were his family."

"and Finally, Chandler Biggins, and his cousin, Travis Biggins." And that was all the contestants. It was a number of ten, eleven, twelve, or thirteen contestants. "Now, I would also like to point out that Luna, the Night Club, will perform a theme song for us that she thought would be a great fit."

And another tremendous uproar was heard across the large room.

"First off, we have the costume opinion stage. We get a look of a contestant and their partner and the judges will tell us what they will think." They all looked and the three judges consisted of Wilbur Huggins, the principal of Lincoln's school, and another long time fan of Ace Savvy. Next was Ms. Dimartino, the sexy substitute teacher, and the last was none other than Mick Swagger himself. Luna was more excited to see him here since he is her idol, but she kept her cool, and didn't want to go crazy over him, or faint on the spot just getting a good look at him

Principal Huggins looked at Lincoln and gave him a thumbs up as good luck to him, and his sister, too.

The contest began, and Chandler and Travis were up first. They both flaunted their costumes and display their props and toy weapons. They both got a score of twenty five: nine from Dimartino, seven from Huggins, and nine from Mick.

as the contestants went on and on, they all got scores a little lower than the first two that went up. Finally, Lincoln and Luna were next, and hey flaunted themselves with background music. Lincoln and Luna all posed in a heroic stance while having a background on top of a building at night, with the moon right behind them.

It was just then the crowd went absolutely wild, much to the chagrin of Chandler. "You gotta admit, buddy." Travis remarked. "That kid does have the looks like Savvy does."

"Oh shut up, Travis." Chandler muttered Begrudgingly

"sorry, I'm shutting up." And the large cousin zipped his mouth.

Lincoln and Luna got a perfect score, all tens. Luna did see that coming of course, so did Bill Buck, since he saw Lincoln as one of the biggest fans he had ever known. Chandler felt so jealous and enraged that he wished he could best up Lincoln on the spot, but he kept his cool from doing so. Mostly because he didn't want to get disqualified from this contest.

"It Looks like Lincoln and Luna win this one!" Bill announced. And there was more cheering as the crowd went wild.

"well now what?" Travis asked him

"remember the plan, cousin." Chandler noted. "Lincoln will not win this. He thinks he is a hardcore Ace Savvy fan like I am. But he's not. Not to mention he's a loser, and not popular. Now, Lincoln should go to the bathroom in..."

"Now we will be taking a short intermission at the moment. If any contestants need to use the bathroom, now is a perfect time." Bill said.

"Right now." Chandler said. Indeed, Lincoln needed to pee really quick, and was about to hit the restroom. The boy made a wicked smile "Right on cue." And he pulled up a walked talkie. "Alright Marcus. The prey is going to the trap. I repeat, the prey is going to the trap."

"got it, Chandler." Said a tough voice.

meanwhile, Lincoln was in the hallway, and promptly went to the boy's restroom for a quick tinkle while whistling blissfully. In his thought, he was thinking that maybe he didn't have anything to worry about after all. Yes, he was feeling more confident than he ever did before, and it was thanks to Luna for her great sisterly support. After all, Chandler didn't have any henchmen to do the dirty work for him. Or... doesn't he?"

as he happily stepped out the boy's room, he was bumped by someone. He looked up and saw a big scary man with tattoos and a beard. There were three other guys with him, but not as tough. All four of them were wearing costumes that represented Snake Eyes's henchmen, the Loaded Dice Crew. "Hey there." Said the man in a tough, Brooklyn accent. "You must be Lincoln."


"where might ya be headin, kid?"

"I'm going to win that contest and get illustrations with me and my sister." And was about to go around them, but he was stopped by a mighty tattooed arm.

"yeah, I'm afraid I can't let ya do that."

"why not?"

"Chandler is going to win this, not a low class loser like you."

'You're with Chandler?" Lincoln had a realization. He thought the costumes they were wearing looked familiar. "Look, you all don't want to do this."

all four henchmen laughed "Oh I think we do. Chandler is paying us good money to keep you from winning against him." And he picked up Lincoln by the back of his shirt. "Don't worry, we'll take good care of you." And he made an evil snicker. "Tie him up, boys!" He sharply ordered.

Then Lincoln found himself become restrained and his writs tied behind his back, ankles tied together so he wouldn't run to get help, and his mouth taped shut with duct tape. The boy was struggling with all his might to break free, but the ropes were too tight.

"Now if you don't mind, we got to see our boss win the contest." Then he threw him in a nearby utility closet, and the henchmen went off, chuckling evilly. It looked like Lincoln was beaten and will lose the contest.

Meanwhile one of the guard peeped from backstage, and told Chandler the news. The rotten boy smiled evilly, and said "perfect. He's out of the picture." And made a chuckle. "The thousand dollars will be mine, and I will have my illustrations in Bill Bucks comics now, Mwahahahahaha."

Luna looked around and waited for Lincoln. "Come on bro, where are you?" She wondered, feelign worried about him and his well being.

"Does anyone know where Lincoln is?" Asked Bill.

then Chandler went up and said "Lincoln decided to leave."

"what? That's not like an Ace Savvy fan like him to walk out the door like that. What happened?"

"He... generously wanted me to have the glory." Chandler said in fake innocence. Luna on the other hand, had a very skeptical look on her face. It was her that realized something was not right at all, and the kid was plotting some sinister things.

"Excuse me, mr. Buck." Luna poked his finger at the creator.

"Yeah, can you excuse me please, I accidentally ate a bad burger. It's an emergency"

"An emergency! Sure, just hurry back."

then Luna promptly went off the stage, and went up to her family. Meanwhile, Chandler was too busy in his glory to even notice what Luna and she family were doing

"dudes, Chandler kidnapped Lincoln and hid him somewhere in the building!" She warned. All the family members gasped with shock and horror.

"Kidnapped? But how?" Lori asked in confusion.

"Chandler wants him out of the way so he can win."

"despicable." Lisa said. "I suggest we save him."

"exactly what I was thinking, little dudette." Luna agreed. The rest of the family, minus the parents went out to loo for their brother.

"Lincoln!" Luna called out to him "where are you, dude?"

"Linky, if you can hear us, please not be invisible." Leni added.

"grr, where could he be?" Asked Lana

then they heard a sudden banging from a nearby closet, and figured that it's probably him making all that noise. Leni pulled out her hair pin, and picked the lock open. It was just as they predicted, Lincoln was in there after all.

Luna was the one that realized him out of the ropes, and removed the duct tape off his mouth. "Guys, thank goodness you... Owwww!" And he covered his mouth from how the tape was rally stuck to it.

"Lincoln, are you okay?" Asked Lucy

"yeah, I'm fine. Chandler kidnapped me and put me in here so he can win the contest." All of them gasped again, and were more than angry at Chandler for plotting this whole scheme.

"That little punk!" said Lana. "Let's teach him a lesson."

"If we hurry, we can stop him."

"Right!" and as soon as they were about to stop everything, they were all stopped by the goons from before.

"Not so fast, runts! You seen too much, and you ain't going anywhere." said the boss, cracking his knuckles. The kids readied themselves in a battle formation and fought the four henchmen that held Lincoln captive.

"Prepare to face the storm of Justice!" Lincoln said. Then he threw a punch at the boss, making him stumble backwards, then kicked him in the groin. Despite the stinging pain, the leader of the crew got back up, and tried to hit Lincoln with his mighty fists of fury, yet, even Lincoln wasn't as powerful, he jabbed him in his eyes with two fingers, making him howl in pain, and kicked him in the mouth, making him fall backwards

Luna was using her guitar skills to blow he baddies away with a gigantic amplifier out of nowhere, almost breaking the glass windows. She even used her guitar to hit them all one at a time with style

As a matter of fact, the kids were putting up quite a fight, especially Lola and her fury, and Lynn with her mighty punches. It was almost as if they had powers themselves in real life.

"Come on, put em up!" Lynn said, laying a furry of punches of and kicks like a boxing and kickboxing master. After she was threw, she promptly clapped her hands together in triumph. "Nothing like a little brute force to help out."

Luan was using a few banana peels to keep Marcus and his followers from gettin up, over and over again to the point where it is becoming unbearable. "Hahaha! That never gets old! HAHAHAHA!" she laughed. Just then she saw a goon charge from behind, and threw a pie at his face, falling backwards. "A comedian like me must always have a backup plan, especially the joker."

Lily had a secret weapon of her own, a seven day old diaper, and she threw it at Marcus' face, making him whine in disgust.

"Oh so gross!" he cried. when he got it off of him, he looked more than angry, and wanted to kill Lily, who was clapping her hands while giggling. "Now you're dead you little ewok!" and was about to do something really awful to her, but was immediately stopped by something hitting him really hard at the back of his head.

"Keep away from our baby sister." It was Lucy with a shovel. "Good thing I brought this with me.

Then it was all over, they had won the fight, and hurriedly went back to the contest to stop everything before it was too late.

"And so the winner of the contest is..."

"STOOOOOPPP!" Lincoln shouted at the top of his lungs, barging through the door with his sisters. "Chandler isn't the winner. I am."

"He is nothing but a cheat!" Luna remarked with a British accent. And the whole crowd gasped in shock. Now Chandler was feeling more than afraid, knowing his plan just got exposed. Lincoln, with his sisters following behind, angrily went on the stage and was face to face with his sworn enemy.

"You tell them how you kidnapped me and stuffed me in the closet outside!" Lincoln remarked, jabbing his fingers at him. "You wanted me out of the picture so you can have your illustrations and because you hate me so much. How do you explain that?"

"Yeah!" his sisters said angrily to him. "Tell him the truth, because if you mess with our brother, you mess with us." Luna threatened him. All the girls were more than ready to beat him to a pulp that not even his own mother would recognize him.

"Well, I... I... Guards!" he shouted, then he made a whistle with his two fingers. Just then the goons from before came back, looking more than ready to protect Chandler from any harm. "Get em, boys!"

"Right boss!" Marcus said. Then another fight broke out between them, while the sisters were busy beating up the henchmen, the crowd and Bill kept their distance from the fight so they wouldn't get injured, and Rita and Lynn Sr were cheering on for their children. Lincoln caught sight of Chandler, trying to retreat like a coward would do, but he caught Chandler just in time before he could make his escape.

"Not so fast!" Lincoln said. Then he punched him in the face, knocking him to the ground, making him fall unconscious to the floor with a tooth falling out of his mouth. Travis was about to fight for him, but he saw how furious Lincoln was, and immediately cowered. "I'm out of here. Mommy!" then he went all the way back home. When it was over, the crowd cheered for the family.

"That was amazing you guys!" Bill said, coming out from behind the curtain. "You all handled yourselves well out there. You were actually like the Full House Gang."

"Thanks, Bill." Lincoln replied. He felt more proud of himself than he did before. "And I wouldn't have done it without my family, especially you, Luna." then he and the rocker sister both embraced for another hug, and the crowd went "Aww." to that sight.

It wasn't long before the police came and arrested the four goons. For Chandler, he was in big trouble by his parents. "Chandler Biggins, you are in so much trouble, mister!" said his mother.

"I cannot believe you would do this to Lincoln. You should be completely ashamed of yourself! You deserved what you got." and the father, Michael, turned his attention towards the family. "Lincoln, I am so sorry that our own son would do this/ We never meant for any of this to happen."

"It's okay, Mr. Biggins." Lincoln replied "He manipulated all of us."

"He was the mastermind behind all of this." Luna stated.

Then the parents went back to their son. "You young man, are going to be grounded for a long time!" said the mother

"But mom-!"

"No arguments, Chandler! And if we catch you doing these kind of things again, you will be sent to Juvie for a week, and send you to Summer School."

Then the parents dragged their grounded son out of the building "I'll get you for this Loud! Do you hear me? I will get even with you!"

"Have fun locked in your room with no TV or Video Games you loser!" Lincoln called to him.

"Well, I we all know who the winners are." Bill said to the microphone. "Lincoln and Luna Loud!" and the crowd cheered way louder than they ever did. They both hugged eachother once again, and the whole family joined in as a group, feeling more than proud of both of them for their amazing accomplishment. "Now, before we conclude this, how about a performance by Luna Loud!"

another set of cheering was heard. Luna was more than happy to bring out her guitar, and slide to the stage. "Hello Royal Woods!" and she looked at Lincoln. "Come on, dude! Play the song with me!"


"Yeah, you are my little brother, after all. And we won this contest together." Lincoln felt flattery building up within him. Indeed, he owed it all to her sister, if not for her, Chandler would have won as a cheater, and Lincoln and Luna wouldn't have got through with this together.

"Thanks Luna." then he pulled up his own signature guitar and when the amps were set up, Lincoln announced "We will ve playing a timeless rock n roll classic that fits the theme song of our gang: Ace of Spades by Motorhead!" then both of them did a rock pose together while having their tongues out.

"Alright! One, two, three, four!"

Ace of Spades by Motorhead plays

The crowd went absolutely wild when they were watching the performance. "If you like to Gamble, I tell ya I'm your girl! Win some, lose some, it's all the same to me!" Luna sang.

yes, both Lincoln and Luna were shredding like master guitarists once again, like at the club the other day. The boy had his most caring sister to thank for all of that practicing. By the sound of how he was playing, he was getting better and better.

All of the Loud family, who were in the front of the audience, cheered for them the loudest and almost all of them headbanged, except for Lucy of course, since she just smiled all through the song.

Bill Buck was watching on with his arms crossed, watching on with astonishment. "I'm really glad that Lincoln came along, this is so great. Well done, Lincoln. I would definitely call you a true Ace Savvy fan." and continued to watch the performance.

"Double up or Quite, double take or split! The Ace of Spades! The Ace of Spades! alright!" Luna continued.

The judges themselves were enjoying this, including Huggins. "Woo! That's my student!" he cheered on while whistling in excitement.

"He is so amazing." said Dimartino. "I really hope that I see him again when I am substituting for his class again."

"Indeed, love. Both kids got talent." said Mick Swagger.

"You know I'm born to Lose, and gambling's for fools, but that's the way I like it, baby, I don't want to live forever! And don't forget the Joker" Luna pointed out to Luan.

When both siblings played the solo, it really caught everyone's eyes now. Lincoln and Luna were shredding like pros on their guitars, and the both never felt so alive.

At last, when it was over, the crows made one last tremendous uproar, and both siblings bowed themselves as a thank you gesture. "Goodnight, Royal Woods Comic Con!" Luna said.

Then the family went on stage to congratulate them on their yet another amazing duel-guitar performance. "You guys were amazing!" said Lynn Sr. "The way you guys were playing yet again."

"You guys really rocked the stage." said Lucy in a deadpan voice.

"Thanks, guys." Lincoln said. He and Luna embraced eachother once again, then Bill and the three judges went on stage to congratulate them as well.

"Well Lincoln and Luna, you really outdone yourselves." Mick said

"yeah, Lincoln, I never thought you could play guitar." Ms. Dimartino added. "I am so proud of you, sweetie." then she gave him a kiss on his cheek. The boy was left speechless, and flushed

"ba-ba-ba." he kept saying. Then Huggins went up as the last to admire them both.

"Well done, you two. I am rather impressed. I would say that would be the perfect theme song for you and your gang. What do you think Mr. Buck?"

"I think you are right, Wilbur." he agreed with him. "Come with me, we got illustrations of you guys to do." and the whole family went with him excitedly, and more than eager to be on more Ace Savvy comics.

Disclaimer: All rights for the song go to Motorhead, and not me. RIP Lemmy (Rest in Power)
Special Sibling Bond Chapter 17: The Contest
Uh oh, Lincoln's rival: Chandler, has returned, and he wants to win the Ace Savvy contest, too. He and his cousin, Travis are both entering as a duo. Lincoln never knew that a snobbish boy like Chandler liked Ace Savvy, and he was the most popular boy in his school. Now this will be interesting between these two boys. Lincoln and Luna will stop him some how, and put an end to his scheme

Rights for the Loud House go to Chris Savino
Rights for the story go to me
Rights for "Ace of Spades" go to Motorhead
A number of days have passed since Lincoln and Luna's amazing guitar performance at the local nightclub. Everyone, borderline everyone loved it. Everyone in the Loud Family was really proud of Lincoln at how well he can play his guitar, and the same thing with Luna and her playing.

Perhaps, this could make Lincoln a little in the town of Royal Woods. He thought if only he could perform at his school, in front of the auditorium. Perhaps when summer's over, and school was back in session, perhaps he will get that chance.

As of the moment, Lincoln was playing Skyrim with his pals online, trying to kill a group of hag-ravens in a forsworn hideout. So far, Lincoln was doing really good at this level, along with Clyde, Rusty, and Liam on there. After all of that was done, there was the briarheart. It wasn't easy, but eventually, they all killed him, gaining the treasure and gold.

"ooh, this sword looks really nice." Said Clyde.

"and this bow! Never thought there would be a powerful Daedric bow like this one. It even paralyzes enemies!" Rusty said with joy.

Liam looked at how much gold there was, and said "ooh, this will make us rich for sure, like an Oregon Trail gold mine! Yee-haw!"

"Lincoln?" Said a voice. He looked back, and it was Luna.

"hang on guys, just a sec. What's up, Luna?"

"Check this envelope dude! It's for you."

He didn't really know what to think of this, and opened it up, revealing a letter. He cleared his threat and read out:

Dear Lincoln Loud:

You have been selected as a nominee for the Ace Savvy costume contest at the Royal Woods convention center. There will be a thousand dollar reward for the winners. Not only that, but the maker will create the illustrations for you in your costume if you win as well You can bring your family, but the rules imply that the maximum that can be together on the same team is two. Please come, and see if you are the big winner of this year's Royal Woods Comic Con!

This could be a wonderful opportunity for Lincoln. Wing a hardcore Ace Savvy fan, he smiled with joy. "A contest?"

"I know, isn't that rad?" Luna agreed with him. "Linc, just think about us on the cover of Ace Savvy together on the next issue, and help the creators with some ideas on how it will go!"

"oh man! I'm totally geeking out about it!" Lincoln said with joy. And he had a thought. "But wait, I thought you didn't really like Ace Savvy, and that you hate him?"

"ah, no, dude. I don't hate comics." Luna reassured. "They're just not my... what's the term Mic Swagger would use?... Ah yeah, not my cup of tea."

"gotcha. So, do you still have your Night Clubs costume from Halloween last year?"

Luna boldly nodded. "Yep, got it in my wardrobe, dude. And, that sweat axe is in there as well."

"You... actually had replica of that guitar?"

"uh-huh. I remember the way she looked in the comic book contest."

"right. And another thing, we're going to have a thousand dollars!" Lincoln said on even more excitement. "What do you think we should do with it?"

"hmmmm, well that is a good question, Lincoln. We can use it to buy our very own jam room or recording studio to practice in."

"ah, that does sound nice, but, I think we should split it, five hundred for me, and five hundred for you."

"That sounds like a great idea, little bro." Luna agreed with him. "Yeah, I can have one half and you can have the other. But, what do you think we should do with it?"

"well, that's not really the issue. The point is I need to be over there to win and get the money."

"true that. And Linc?"

"hmm? Do you think I can be your partner for this? Nothing like a brother/sister dun time together, eh?" Luna gave him a gentle elbow bump on his arm.

Lincoln smile, and replied "sure. That would be nice. Although... I don't think we can win." And he had a slight look of doubt on him.

She smiled warmly at him again, and patted his head "Ah bro, it's like Mic Swagger said about music, it's all about having fun with your family. It's the same with comic book conventions, or other events."

Thinking about it, Lincoln realized that she was right. After all, the greatest sister in the world, that's her. Would be his partner in the team of two. "You make a good point. I mean, you will be on my team, right?"

"Of course I will do. That's what big sisters are for." And she hugged him warmly. Her younger brother was even more flattered by this, hugging her back. "Oh, and I was thinking of a theme song for Ace Savvy and the other superheroes."

"what's that?"

"Ace of Spades by Motörhead!" Luna exclaimed with a rock pose.

"ah, I think I heard that song. "It does sound like something that involves cards. Sure, we can talk to the manager at tech convention center about it, and the creator about using that."

"Sweet! Well, let's tell the other about this so they can come too."

"And Lori, mom, and Dad are the only ones who can drive."

"exactly my point, dude." Then they all went from room to room about the news and that Lincoln is nominated for the winner of a costume contest.

Everyone on the family was proud of him, including Lola. "Oh oh oh! Can I cosplay as the queen of Diamond?"

"of course, Lola. Anyone can come."

Lola squealed with joy, and quickly changed into the superhero that she wishes to be. Luna was putting on her costume and put her Kiss-like or Misfit-like makeup on her face.

Lincoln was in his costume as well, along with his mask, and set of cards as weapons. "There will be some Justice a foot!" He tried to flick his cards in a fancy type of throw, but it failed, and it was rather sloppy, falling on the floor like leaves during the autumn.

while the others were changing, minus the parents, Luna was the first time come out, all set on her Night Club outfit, along with the replica of the hero's guitar. "I look awesome!" She said "I knew I would still fit in this duds." And she did another rock pose to in a Gene Simmons type of style with her tongue.

"You look awesome, Luna!" Said Lincoln. "How about me? How do I look?"

"like you are ready to be a winner."

He was touched, and Lincoln replied "same with you, Luna." Then everyone else got out of their rooms, all suited up for gen convention.

"Thank you so much for coming along with me you guys. I appreciate it." Lincoln addressed to his other siblings.

"No problem, bro." Said Lynn. "It feels good to be back in this suit! Hehe"

"and me being the eleven of hearts again is totally amazing." Leno added.

"especially since we went out clubbing! Hahahahaha!" Luan joked and laughed. As usual, the other siblings reacted with a groan of slight irritation.

"Kids, you ready?" Asked Lynn Sr. "Lily's already in her car seat."

"Coming, Dad!" Said Lori. Then the others hurriedly went downstairs, with Lincoln and Luna in front of all of them.

As they began driving, Rita asked "so, how do you feel, honey?"

"Feeling great! I can hardly wait to see what it will be now. And yet, what if we have a. Fierce competition with other teams?"

"ah, come on, Sport." Said Lynn Sr. "It won't get too out of control. Besides, they have security guards in there to keep the balance in check."

"oh yeah, I forgot about the guards. And Luna might have an idea for a theme song for the Ace Savvy series; Ace of Spades by Motörhead."

"never heard of it." Said Lana.

"But you will, if we win." Luna pointed. At last, they all arrived at the large, circular dome, the heart of the comic con. "Alright! Let's do this!" Said said Luna with enthusiasm.

As the family went inside, it was even more crowded then they thought it would be. Not only was there Ace Savvy merchandise, but also from Star Wars, to Marvel and D.C. Comics, to anime shows and such.

"whoa nelly." Said Lisa. "What do you think we should do here? A lot of people in here look a lot like Ace Savvy and the Full House Gang like us."

"on come on, Lis." Luna shrugged. "Everyone knows Lincoln knows Ace Savvy better than anyone else." And she gently rubbed his head playfully. The rest of the family agreed with her, and acknowledged Lincoln about his knowledge about Ace.

"Well well well, Lincoln Loud. What brings you here, loser?"

He knew that voice, and saw that it was his nemesis, dressed up as one of the failings, Snake-eyes. It was a pun of the two one dice move in gambling. He had a snake-like bodysuit in appearance, and had fake fangs for teeth, and snake-like makeup. The suit had a symbol that resembled the actual snake-eyes trick with the two dice showing ones.

"Chandler?" Lincoln recognized.
Special Sibling Bond Chapter 16: Comic Con Trip
A few days have passed, and Lincoln got an invite to the Royal Woods Comic Con, and he was more than excited to join a costume contest that will be happening. What's even more exciting is if he wins, he will have a one thousand dollar reward, along with having comic illustrations with him and his sisters on it. The letter stated their can only be two in a group, and he decided Luna to be his partner in the contest. However, when they arrive, they meet a foe, they never thought would see again.

Rights for the Loud House go to Chris Savino
Rights for the story go to me
Rights for Skyrim go to Bethesda game company
Another day passed since the mysterious fog came to Royal Woods. Indeed, it looked rather spooky. It at least it didn't have any scary monsters from another dimension like in a Stephen King type of world. Lincoln and Ronnie Anne had a very fun time together in the Loud House.

It did feel like indoor camping inside the attack with the really long blanket and the lantern.

However, the fog was gone, and the power came back the following morning. Right now, Luna was just walking past the hallway, and went downstairs to get herself a cup of pudding.

While in the kitchen, she just took the first bite of the chocolate pudding where she saw Lincoln on the couch, reading some kind of book. "Hey, bro." She said, sitting next to him. "Whatcha doing?"

"Oh you know, Luna." Said Lincoln. "I'm just looking at my old memory book." Luna peeked over and noticed that he was looking at the pages that featured him and Luna in many pictures over the past.

"Aww, that's sweet, Lincoln." Said Luna. Then she noticed the first picture on the Lincoln and Luna section. "Oh look, it's me with you when you were a baby." She pointed. "Remember?"

"Not all of it." Lincoln confessed. "I was only a baby back then when that happened." He rubbed the back of his head, feeling a little embarrassed to talk about it.

Luna smiled warmly at him. "Ah, it's okay, little bro. It is perfectly understandable if you don't remember. Maybe except for Lily, babies can't remember well."

"Heh, tell me about it, Lily's a really smart baby, like she knows exactly what's going on around her. She even know what a cookie is."

His big sister made a small chuckle "I know. I wonder if she will he as smart as Lisa when she gets her age."

Both of the siblings had a good laugh. "I doubt that."

"To be honest I hope not." Said Lisa coming downstairs. "No that I would be extremely envious of course, but it can be a heavy burden being a child prodigy like moi."

"I think it would be amazing having two geniuses in the house." Said Lincoln.

"Perhaps, but there could be consequences, Lincoln. Just think about the negative effects of another genius in the house. Now if you excuse me, I got to solve an extreme calculus problem, which of course, will not be so intense for me, hence I am a calculus wizard." Then she went to the kitchen to get the right tools for one of her crazy experiments.

"Hmm, well at least a guy like me can dream." Said Lincoln.

"Right." Then Luna looked at the picture next to the first one. Oh look, it's the first time I fed yoy with baby mush. I remembered when toy always spit your food at my face so many times. Hehe."

Lincoln's face flustered a red. "Well... I don't really like baby mush anyway." Then he chuckled nervously "Sorry, Luna."

"Nah, it's all cool, bro. I thought it was so cute." Then she gently pinched his cheeks, making him laugh playfully.

"Oh stop it, Luna." He smirked at her. "Oh, I remember when you gave me a musical farm wheel when I was three. I loved it!"

"Yeah, I knew you would. Man, I remember how much you were attached to that machine. Mom and dad had to keep yoy away from it for a little while."

"And then I threw a big tantrum after that." Lincoln pointed before laughing even louder.

"I know, right? But then I decided to steal it back for you "

"What?" Said the dad in another room.

"Nothing dad!"

"Oh, okay."

"Whew, that was close." Said Lincoln.

"Ah! Here's when you were eight and you were at my very own concert for your own eighth birthday party. Yeah, you were definitely a sweet brother o' mine."

Her younger brother smiled. "Yeah, it is truly awesome, and you Luna, are born to rock alright."

Luna was quite touched by his kind remark. "Oh come here, you." Then she gave him a small kiss on his face, like in a sisterly way of showing how much she loves him. "Yep, I remember that day like it was yesterday.


"He's got a smile that it seems to me reminds me of childhood memories where everything was clear as the bright blue sky!" Luna sang to his little brother as he was watching, in tears of joy.

This party took place in the backyard when it was Lincoln's eighth birthday. It wasn't just him, the other sisters were watching as well. Lily wasn't born at that time of course, and neither was Lisa.

When she was done finishing the song for him, she did her rock pose on stage and Lincoln went upstairs to hug her with great gratitude. "Luna, that was amazing!" The younger Lincoln said. "Perfect sounding!"

"Thanks, little bro." Said the younger Luna. Then she gently ruffled his head in a playful fashion. "Happy eighth birthday, dude."

Lincoln smiled again. "Thank you, Luna. I really appreciate what you do for me. And to be honest," he zoomed his mouth closer to Luna's ear, and muttered "it's way better than Luan and her magic tricks, even if it's magic cards, but don't tell her I said that."

"Don't worry, Lincoln. My lips are sealed." Then she pretended to zip her lips shut with a zipper, then locked it with an imaginary key, and threw it in the air.


"Alright everyone, time for cake!" Said a yonder Rita with grunge type of appearance. All the kids, and the sisters rushed over to get a slice. "Ah! Ah! Ah! We should let the birthday boy get the first slice since today is a special day for him."

"I agree, mom." Said Luna. I'll play the birthday song on my guitar." She pulled out her guitar in style, then she played the birthday song on it with a very beautiful, harmonic sound from the electric feeling.

After the song was over, they all applaud for her, and Lincoln got his first slice of his birthday cake before everyone else got the rest.

"Happy Birthday, Lincoln." Said Luna. Then they both hugged again.

End of Flashback

Yes, those were the days aright. Luna and Lincoln had a really fun time with the birthday party all those years ago.

"That was the best birthday ever." Said Lincoln. "I just wish that the good times like that woukd last a little longer."

"Ah well, you, good times come and good times go, Linc."

He smirked at her "right."

"Oh, here's the time me and I were playing on the swings together." Luna pointed. "Lynn broke her leg and had to go to the hospital for two weeks."

Lincoln laughed and said "I know, especially how the bone was coming out of her leg." And they both shuddered from the feeling. "Good thing i am not the extreme sports type of guy."

"Got that right, dude. That looked really painful on her, and it was a little priceless how she was crying in a weird way! Hahaha!" Lincoln thenaughed along with her.

"But anyway," he said "that was a fun time for us at least. We got special time together."

"We always have special time together."

"You can say that again." Lincoln agreed with her. "Oh, and here's you, me, and Clyde attending my very first concert together! That was truly amazing!"

"Oh yeah, that is quite a page-turner, ain't it bro?"

"A real page-turner indeed." Then they began looking over the photos from their last, feeling quite sentimental. All of a sudden, one of them got their attention. It was a picture of Lincoln and Luna sleeping together on that day Lincoln had a scsry nightmare about Agony.

"Isn't that from like... days ago? That's definitely a story of my life." Said Luna.

"Yeah, who even took-?" Then both of them had a face that told themselves they were not amused at all. "Lori." They flatly said in unison."

"Yeah, i'm sorry guys, I literally couldn't help it. You just looked so adorable and sweet together." She said, coming in the room after hearing about the most recent photo.

"You didn't post it online, did you?" Asked Lincoln. "That would be an invasion of my privacy. Don't worry, I would never put it in my social media."

Skeptical, Lincoln and Luna raised an eyebrow at her "really, Lori?" Said Luna.

"Of course. Look, I need to go hang with Bobby." Then she left the house with the car keys.

"Well, that was a little... rude of Lori." Said Lincoln.

"Oh don't let it get to you, bro. She thinks she can do whatever she wants just she is our oldest sister."

"Even an eldest sister like her has her limits."

"Haha!" Try telling her that, Lincoln!" She chuckled. Then she looked at the picture again. "And besides, I think that we look... cute together like that."

Lincoln looked at the newest addition to the photo album too, and tough about it for a little while. "I guess so. As brother and sister of course."

"Oh I know I know, dude. Definitely not in a romantic way, because that is just wrong!"

"Exactly!" And they laughed one final time. "So Luna, I was thinking about performing somewhere to show my friends my guitar skills that i'be been working on."

Luna's eyes popped open woth a large smile on her face "Awesome! We can jam together and blow everyone's minds!"

"Yeah and rock the stage!"

"Totally! So uh, where do yoy want to perform?"

"Well isn't there a club that you would go to?"

"Oh yeah, the Green Gecko. It's like a bar where there is a big stage where I woukd perform for everyone while they are eating and drinking stuff." She zoomed in his ear. "Between you and me, I would sneak out at night to perform, but don't tell mom and dad, okay"

"Sure Luna. My lips are sealed." Then he did the same type of miming like she dod, zipping his mouth woth an imaginary zipper, locking it, and tossing out the key. They both laughed again. "I think we should tell the others about this."

"Agreed, Lincoln." Then both of them went to tell the rest of their family the news. First the parents, who were more than thrilled to hear Lincoln play his own guitar.

"Really?" Said Lynn Sr. "That's great! Should I get my cowbell."

"Well... actually dad, it's more like a me and Lincoln thing." Said Luna, trying not to hurt the father's feelings.

"Oh I understand."

"Yep, if your father's okay with it, then i'm okay with it too." Rita remarked.

Lynn Sr nodded his head in agreement. After the parents, they both told the other sisters. All of the other sisters were more than happy to hear Lincoln and Luna play together, too.

"Wow, that would be amazing." Said Lucy with a smile. "Just look at our brother, already following in Luna's footsteps as a rockstar."

"I know! I'm so proud of you, Linky!" Said Leni, gebtly squishing her little brother's cheek.

He was feeling a little uncomfortable, and gently pushed her hand away from her face." Leni." Lincoln groaned "that's embarrassing."

"Oh let her have ot Lincoln." Said Lori with a smirk. "She just loves you, like we all do." Then Lincoln's expression turned from embarrassed and awkward, to touched and flattered.

"I know, I love you guys too." Then they all formed a group hug. "Well, I'll get my guitar, and,at each I can see if Clyde and Ronnie Anne want to see my play with Luna."

"that sounds perfect!" Said Lola. Then Lincoln and Luna got their instruments and their amplifiers, and put them in Van-zilla.

as they went off to the Green Gecko, Lincoln made a few calls. First was Clyde, who eagerly asked him if he wanted to come and see him play with his amazing guitar skills. "Yeah, it's at the green Gecko. So Clyde, what do you say?"

then Lincoln's smile slowly turned into a frown. Not only that, but he heard a few coughing sounds as if Clyde had a sore throat.

"What? You can't make it?" Then Luna looked at him with concern. "Oh. I understand. Well, nice talking with you and thanks anyway. I hope you feel better soon. Yeah, okay, Bye." Then he hung up his phone, and he made a sad sigh.

"what's the matter, Lincoln?" Asked Luna

"Clyde can't come because he has a terrible cold."

the other sisters and the parents all gave sympathetic remarks at him like "I'm sorry, Lincoln." And "don't worry." And "it's okay." Over and over again while gently rubbing Lincoln on his arms, sides, and face.

"thanks for caring guys, at least there will be Ronnie Anne coming." Then he muttered under his breath "I hope." Then he called his girlfriend. When she answered the phone, he cleared his throat, and asked "Ronnie Anne, hi. Uh, I wanted to tell you that I'm gonna play a guitar duet with Luna at the Green Gecko, and I was wondering if you would like to come watch me perform."

The frown came back to him as Ronnie Anne told him she can't come either.

"okay. Well, thank you. And... I love you, bye."

"Ronnie Anne can't come either, huh?" Asked Luan. "What's wrong with her?"

"nothing, nothing. She's grounded for a week for skateboarding in the house... again."

"oh, that's a bummer." Said Lynn.

then Lincoln made a small, sad sigh yet again. "Aww, it's okay, buddy." Said Luna. She pulled him close to her with her arm like a hug. "At least you got your whole family to support you."

they all agreed, and Lily kissed his arm "Winky." She said.

"Oh, thanks guys."

"we're here." Said Lana.

then when they all got out, they all hug Lincoln in a group, with Luna being the last one to break away. "Thanks guys." Then they all went inside, and were greeted by the owner, Glenn Hetfield.

"Ah, Luna. Welcome back. Here for another performance today?"

"you betcha, Glenn." Luna replied with a rock pose. "And my brother Lincoln is gonna perform some amazing guitar licks with me."

"ah, nice to meet ya, Lincoln. Name's Glenn Hetfield, head of the Green Gecko"

"Nice to meet you too, Mr. Hetfield."

"ah, you can just call my Glenn." Then the owner looked at the family "can I get you all so,etching to eat on while you watch these two blow our minds?"

"oh yes, please." Said Lynn Sr.

"as long as I don't have to eat anything that involves gravy." Said Lola.

"and I can eat meat that has some blood in it." Lucy added.

then the family got themselves settled in a table, well, there had to be two tables because the family was so large. After all.

Meanwhile, Lincoln had a few butterflies in his belly while he was backstage with Luna. His instrument was all set to be heard across the building, but the butterflies were still fluttering around within.

Luna noticed him and asked "you okay, dude?"

"oh yeah, yeah. I'm... just a little nervous, that's all." Lincoln admitted, rubbing his arm up and down.

he felt a comforting arm for her on his right shoulder. "Don't worry, Lincoln. You'll do totally awesome. I've heard and or seen you play, and you are amazing! And don't worry, I'm here for you."

Lincoln made a small smile of gratitude again. "Thanks, sis." He said. They both made a small hug, and the other members of the band were ready to play as well. Just then, they both heard the announcers say their names and the curtains flew open

He saw that there were a lot of people inside the bar, including the rest of his and Luna's family. And a sound of applause was hear throughout the building.

"Hello Green Gecko!" Luna said with a rock pose. "Are you all ready to rock?" They all screamed at the top of their lungs. "Alright bro, you ready?"


Then they prepared their guitars and began playing together.

The Song is Rogue By Poets of the Fall

The song sounded really amazing and soothing. Lincoln still felt a little nervous, it then when he saw how good he was playing with Luna, he began to relax.

yes, Lincoln was playing quite well.

Luna gave him some encouragement, and smiled as she was looking at her brother playing so well. Nonetheless. She also focused on her guitar playing as well.

Now he was beginning to feel more and more relaxed and felt like a guitar wizard, no, a guitar god.

If only Slash, Zakk Wylde, Dave Mustaine, Randy Rhoads, Kirk Hammet, George Lynch, and Angus Young could see him now was what he thought.

During the solo, Lincoln and Luna were doing great as a guitar duet family down below loved the sound of the song, and they all couldn't be anymore proud of the, for being such rockstars.

After the song ended, a loud sound of cheering was heard. "You did it, bro!" Said Luna, feeling victorious.

"No, we did it!" Lincoln corrected as he counted with joy. Then they. It's hugged each other very tightly. Just then the other family members went onstage and congratulated them for their amazing performance together.

"That was literally amazing, Lincoln!" Said Lori.

"Yeah, especially the way you played the solo like that with Luna." Lana added.

"Normally I am not very fond of heavy metal or all of that, but I liked it." Said Lisa.

then both Lincoln and Luna found themselves signing autographs and the. Went back home with their family.

Back in the living Lincoln was feeling so proud of himself for being a new guitar god. "Bro, you did an awesome job. See? I knew you would knock em all dead."

"Thank you Luna. I wouldn't have. Are it through without you."

"oh come here, Linky." Then they hugged each other again. Meanwhile, Luna turned her head away, and wished that Mick Swagger was there. That would have been more special, but she was happy because she was performing with her own little brother. "So Lincoln, I-"

She found him fast asleep. Apparently, he mus have been tired from all of that guitar playing and rocking out. Well, at least he didn't rock out too hard out there in show business.

Luna smiled warmly and kissed him on the forehead very tenderly. "I love you, Lincoln." She whispered in his ear. Then she laid on the couch with him.

Author's note

For those of you if you don't know who Poets of the Fall are, they are an amazing band from Finland, and quite underrated too. just imagine Lincoln and Luna playing this amazing instrumental song together while they play.
Special Sibling Bond Chapter 15: Guitar Duet
In this chapter, Lincoln puts his guitar skills to the use from his practicing. He, Luna, and the entire family go to the Green Gecko bar where the two siblings will be playing an amazing guitar duet called Rogue by Poets of the Fall. If you all don't know who they are, look them up, and you will love their music.

Rights for the Loud House go to Chris Savino.
Rights for the story go to me.
Rights for Rogue go to Poets of the Fall


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