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Full House Gang vs Mrs Carmody :iconmetalbrony823:MetalBrony823 2 0
Mature content
Lincoln is Done Chapter 3: Getting Lincoln Back :iconmetalbrony823:MetalBrony823 0 0
Special Sibling Bond Chapter 10: Wolf Attack
It was awfully dark in the woods. The full moon was out and a wolf was heard howling through the night, with a loon calling out multiple times after that. Lincoln was extra careful trending through this part of the woods in nighttime. Good thing he had a heavy duty flashlight because he definitely had no night vision like a lion or a tiger or bear would have.
Scary as it was going out here, Lincoln had no choice, he had to find Clyde and save him from whatever danger there was in these woods. He knew that going out here without a type of gun wouldn't be safe, he would make this as quick as possible to find his best friend. "Oh Clyde, where are you?" he thought.
The sound of crickets chirping and some wolves howling was making it all the more scary, but then he remembered how his sisters helped him with some situations. He heard a loud snap as he was still walking through the bushes. Startled, he looked down to find a broken tree branch, then he sighed in relief. He thought of the Slend
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Special Sibling Bond Chapter 9: Great Outdoors
Ah, the great outdoors. Home of the trees growing as high as a two-story building, and home of the animals such as the bears, raccoons, wolves, foxes, and other woodland creatures. Yes, it was a beautiful summer day for Lincoln and Clyde in their little bro-camping trip together, the same for Harold and Howard McBride, and Luna all at once. Nonetheless, Clyde still has a little bit of jealousy and sadness because of Lincoln and Luna hanging out together. Still feeling neglected, he was determined that Lincoln and Clyde have the best camping trip of their lives.
the campfire was just about finished, just a few more rocks and a few more branches and twigs then it will be completely finished to start the fire.
at last when it was finished, Luna promptly swiped her hands in triumph, for she was the one to carry the last stone to the fire. "Cheers, mates." She remarked in her British accent with the devil born gesture formed on her hand.
"well, very nice job, everyone." Said Harold. "Now th
:iconmetalbrony823:MetalBrony823 1 0
Special Sibling Bond Chapter 8: Camping Trip
At the Pizza Arcade, Lincoln and Luna were playing Guitar Hero (the arcade version of course). So far, Lincoln was the one winning this little match from this amazing video game. Luna however, was getting close to being his score, even if she hasn't played Guitar Hero as much as her little brother did, because Lincoln was the master video game player of the family.
"Come on bro, is that the best you got?" Luna said playfully.
"Oh no, I'll show you what i'm made of, sis!" Lincoln said while laughing with joy. At the very end of the level, ultimately, Lincoln was the one who was victorious. He cheered in triumph while Luna was was cheering him on.
"wow bro, that was so amazing!" She said proudly. "That's way better than my score."
"really? You played Guitar Hero before, Luna?"
"oh yeah, dozens of times, even though I prefer playing the real guitar."
"good game, Luna."
"aww, thanks Linc you too." She replied happily, then they both hugged each other again.
It was just then their stomachs
:iconmetalbrony823:MetalBrony823 2 0
Mature content
Lincoln is Done Chapter 2 :iconmetalbrony823:MetalBrony823 3 0
Special Sibling Bond Chapter 7: Clyde's Jelousy
The next Couple days, Lincoln was getting better and better on the guitar, and was getting rather good at it. However, he was wearing earphones connected to the amplifier to not cause any unnecessary noise. One sibling playing a loud guitar was bad enough for the parents, but they could not even handle two loud guitars playing at once.
after a good hour, Lincoln decided to take a break and put his guitar and amp aside.
Meantime, he was looking fro something else to do to pass the time through this fine day. Perhaps his closest sister, Luna, was available to hang out with. He looked at her window, reading an autobiography of Mick Swagger
"hey, Luna. You busy?"
"huh? Oh sorry dude, just reading about Mick Swagger. What's happening?"
Lincoln was a little slow and cleared his throat before addressing "I was wondering if you would like to do something fun today. What do you say?"
"sure bro, I guess I can take a break from shredding my axe." She got out of her bed and our the guitar next to
:iconmetalbrony823:MetalBrony823 4 0
Special Sibling Bond Chapter 6: Accidents Happen
Lincoln and Luna were doing a little heavy metal jamming in the garage. Her younger brother was becoming quite a fast learner when it comes to music. "Whoo! awesome jam ses, bro!" Luna congratulated after they were finished
"Thanks, Luna. I couldn't have done it without you." Lincoln replied kindly. "I think I has enough jamming for one day. Wouldn't want Mr. Grouse to call the police on us."
Luna chuckled. "Never mind that old coot Lincoln." she said. "He complains about everything. And, I think I should call it a day myself. Mustn't burn myself out or make my fingers bleed with all that shredding." Then she put her handy guitar in the case, then Lincoln did the same after in his own case.
"oh yeah, really nice playing Loud!" Called out a grouchy elderly voice. It was none other than Mr. grouse. "Now I have to put up with to music maniacs!"
"Oh mind your own business, Mr. Grouse! Don't you have any prune juice to drink?" Lincoln called back to him
The grouchy old neighbor made a sligh
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Special Sibling Bond Chapter 5
Lincoln was watching "ARGGH!" on TV with the latest episode, "The buckteeth Mexican banshee" and he loved it. After it was over, he wondered what else was on TV, and didn't really see anything, until he noticed the Crocodile Hunter: Steve Irwin and his old show before he died. "We are deep in the Democratic Republic of Congo with the gaboon viper, the biggest snake in all of Africa." he narrated on TV
Lincoln was really impressed by the way that snake looked, and it's eyes, and small horns on it's horns.
"Bro." said Luna coming down the stairs, with Lincoln's new guitar that she gifted with her. "I fixed this bad boy for you right up, now it will sounds rockin' as you play it."
"Oh, awesome!" Lincoln said.
Then his big sister noticed Steve Irwin. "Dude, is that the Crocodile Hunter? I love that guy. And... whoa! that is a big, cool looking snake."
"I know, right?" Lincoln agreed. "You know, it's a shame that he's dead, Everyone loved that guy."
"Totally, I remember when I was a little
:iconmetalbrony823:MetalBrony823 3 0
Thoughts on Loud House episode No Such Luck
I honestly thought the Loud House episode "No Such Luck" was an okay episode. At least it's better than that abomination of an episode "Brawl in the Family. In this episode, Lincoln didn't want to come to his sisters activities, and preferred some alone time to himself reading Ace Savvy comics in his underwear. Lynn, who was going to participate in a baseball game between the Royal Woods Squirrels, and the Hazeltucky Lions, Strong-arms Lincoln by threatening him with a baseball bat (Which I thought was kind of funny and cruel at the same time) Lynn was always a little too.... rough on Lincoln at times since she can be rowdy like Rainbow Dash, these two have quite some stuff in common. Anyway, The squirrels lost, and Lynn blamed Lincoln because she thought he was bad juju. At first Lincoln denied it, and then came up with the idea to say he was bad luck so he can have all the the free time to himself, and read comics in his underwear and video games without a care in the world. Overtime
:iconmetalbrony823:MetalBrony823 0 17
Mature content
Lincoln is Done Chapter 1: To me you're Dead :iconmetalbrony823:MetalBrony823 2 2
Barty Crouch Sr vs. Cornelius Fudge :iconmetalbrony823:MetalBrony823 0 0
Special Sibling Bond Chapter 4: Lincoln's present
In the car, Lincoln and Luna were sitting happily together. Luna was ever so grateful for her little brother winning the Zakk Wylde toy for her. "So, how was it, guys?" Lori asked them curiously
"it was awesome!" Lincoln and Luna replied in unison.
That shout was a little loud, but not exactly like purely loud. It was not like an airhorn was honking in Lori's ear to make it bleed her eardrum out. And besides, All of the Loud family would be pretty much used to it since the family can be very noisy.
"That's good to hear." Lori replied happily. "I did wish I could have come with you there. Especially bring Bobby boo-boo-bear with me."
the two on the back made looks of slight disgust, and stuck their tongues out, as if they were going to vomit on the car floor
"oh shut up, you two!" The eldest sister said with irritation, nodding her head sideways. "Anywho, what did you guys do?"
"oh we went to many rides, and played those carnival games. The flying pigs, and those sort of things.
"yep, I
:iconmetalbrony823:MetalBrony823 4 0
Loud House Question
I love watching the Loud House, probably one of the best shows that Nick had in a loooong while, but I'm curious, do the Loud sisters really love their Brother Lincoln? or do they just say that so he can be used by them? Of course I don't know what it's like having ten sisters or a large family like Chris Savino himself had (Which is why he created it in the first place of course). I don't know why I am being so negative, but I sometimes overthink things. Yet again, every show has it's ups and downs and we can't do anything about it. Probably just me, but I was thinking of creating a story that involves Lincoln being done with his sisters and moves out to start living with Clyde and his dads. What do you all think
:iconmetalbrony823:MetalBrony823 1 2
Special Sibling Bond Chapter 3 :Dairyland
Ah, Dairyland Amoosement Park. One of the attractions in the town of Royal Woods, Michigan. Lincoln and Luna were more than happy to spend their day together in this amazing theme park. "So, what do you think we should do first, bro?" Luna asked his sibling
"Hmm... well the Flying pigs look cool." Lincoln replied. "Why not try that?"
"You read my mind, Lincoln." said Luna with complete enthusiasm. They both went to the second main attraction in this fun place, and sat together on the cart that looked very much like a white pig with bone white wings with fat cheeks on it. It took a few seconds, but they settled in their seats. "You excited for this, bro?"
"yeah! You bet I am!" Her brother replied with full energy.
"so am I!"
"alright, please remain seated, and keep your arms and legs inside the cart at all times." Said the operator.
When the machine started, they both found themselves having fun on this cool ride, even though they might vomit afterwards. If they would go on the Milk Sha
:iconmetalbrony823:MetalBrony823 4 0
Special Sibling Bond: Chapter 2
The next morning, Lincoln was still fast asleep when the rooster crowed from outside. He was in bed this time, for he and Luna already go e to bed after watching a full documentary of Madagascar last night. He tossed and turned, then he opened his eyes.
he heard the door flew open. "Lincoln?" Said a voice.
the boy looked over to the side of the bed, and saw Luna, still in her panamas. Lincoln yawned and stretched his arms before saying "good morning Luna." En he got out of bed, still on his underwear.
"Hey bro, are you okay?" The rocker girl replied.
Lincoln didn't really know what to think. I was rather nice that Luna was with him watching TV the remainder of the night. "I... I think so." Was all he replied with a little uncertainty.
Luna looked a little unsure if she believed him, or if he was really better from last night. "You sure, dude? 'Cause you really don't sound like it to me."
He yawned again. "I promise. I'm doing a little better now."
Luna's mouth turned into a smile again
:iconmetalbrony823:MetalBrony823 4 0


Just Some Cute Pictures Of Lily :iconj-room:J-Room 24 6 Shattered :iconjfmstudios:JFMstudios 224 182 Pailed It! :iconjfmstudios:JFMstudios 241 362 Emerald and Steven and Peanut :icongogadgetgo:gogadgetgo 32 7 The Loud House - Title Card - Fashion Music :iconcartonianimatieanime:CartoniAnimatieAnime 4 1 Please don't let them hurt me, Fluttershy! :iconporygon2z:Porygon2z 31 3
Admirable Animations: The Loud House

The Loud House is an american animated series number one and is the best, created by Chris Savino and produced by Nickelodeon. The series centers of a Loud family: Lincoln Loud and his ten sisters: bossy eldest child Lori, ditzty fashionista Leni, guitarist Luna, comedic joker Luan, athletic Lynn, gloomy emo Lucy, twins Lola and Lana, genius Lisa and baby Lily. Along with them, Lincoln survives as the middle child and only son in a large family of eleven children.
:iconbart-toons:Bart-Toons 1 0
Meet The Fancy Rainbow (Diva) Gal :iconduskstripe87:DuskStripe87 13 4 LoudTale (redone) :iconkinghedeghog:kinghedeghog 16 2 He's A Keeper :icontheowlgoesmoo:TheOwlGoesMoo 89 43 lucy loud :iconta-na:Ta-Na 190 12 flutterbat :iconta-na:Ta-Na 652 31 Part 5 playable newcomers: The Loud House :iconwarrior9100:WaRrior9100 39 13
The Relationship between Lincoln and his Sisters
This is something I’ve been debating on doing for a while. As most people in the Loud House Fandom know; there are constant claims that Lincoln is abused by his sisters, who are some of the nastiest people in the world. So, I’ve decided to take a closer look at the episodes that have currently aired to see how many of them involved them being mean to Lincoln and other times where they were nice to him. I will do two lists: one for the nice times and another for the mean times. Now I know this can be a pretty controversial opinion, so I made a few rules for my rankings.
1) An episode will be disqualified if Lincoln does something wrong, and his punishment does not exceed the crime.
2) The Lincoln torture can’t come from other characters (i.e. The Green House.)
3) Episodes will not be on the list if the fighting is every Loud for themselves (like the Sweet Spot.) It can only make the list if the sisters gain up on Lincoln.
4) The episodes on each list do not reflect my
:iconironraphra:IronRaphRa 7 5
Loudwolves part 1
*It all started in a regular day at Royal Woods at least the Loud kids all thought, one day the Loud kids will learn that the supernatural is far too real*
*It was getting dark out and the Loud kids were watching t.v.*
"YES MOM!" said the Loud siblings
"who's turn is it" asked Lincoln "I already did it yesterday!"
"Well I did it the day before" said Lori
"And I did it the day before that" said Luna
*The siblings all say they did the trash except for Leni*
"Then it's you're turn Leni" said Lori
"Oh but I hate taking out the trash" said Leni
"Oh come on you're not scared of the dark are you?" asked Lola
"No because it's gross" said Leni "and why do we even have to take the trash out at night?"
"Because in a house as big as ours we have to take out the trash twice a day" said Lincoln
"Just do it now and get it over with" said Luna
"Fine...." said Leni
*Leni gets the trash and goes outside while the rest of the kids wa
:iconbry-guy:Bry-Guy 15 17
Mature content
loud house comics :iconta-na:Ta-Na 60 24



Full House Gang vs Mrs Carmody
The Full House sisters ready to take on the evil and insane Mrs. Carmody and her whole congregation who's minds snapped from cabin fever and claustrophobia from Stephen King's the Mist. For anyone who is a fan of Stephen King and his books or movies, you might recognize this crazy ****, that witch. She really sickens me, but the Loud Sisters are more than happy to take her and her congregation head-on.

Rights fort the Loud House go to Chris Savino
Rights for the Mist go to Stephen King

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Lincoln was in his clothes, playing Street Thug 7 on the Playstation 4 with Clyde, on the TV in the guest room Lincoln was staying in. Both boys were having such fun with the fighting game, and it was uncertain who was really taking the lead, Lincoln would win one match, and Clyde would win one after the other.

"Got you right where I want you, Lincoln!" Clyde said, feeling that he would win.

When it looked like Clyde was about to beat Lincoln, his friend got the upper hand by finishing Clyde's character off with his own in the game. Then it was decided that Lincoln was the one victorious. "Yeah!" he cheered. "I won! I Won!" Clyde could hardly believe it. Nonetheless, Lincoln looked at him and realized that he was gloating a little too much. "Oh, and good game, Clyde, you did a good job."

His best friend smiled "Thanks Lincoln." then both the boys decided to have enough with this game and take a little break from it. "Well, I gotta help my dads with one of their microscopes. They could really use my IQ"

"That's okay, Clyde." Lincoln said ."I understand. I could use a little break myself." then he took off his clothes, minus his underwear, and pulled out one of his comic books to read once again.

Clyde went out of the guest room so he can help out his fathers with this little science set for them to enjoy. It made Lincoln think of the time Lincoln won the science fair a few years ago. He was no Lisa of course, but he won first place with the small, artificial, technological replica of Mt. Kilimanjaro, that spat out chocolate milk.

then Lincoln thought of Lisa, the child prodigy of the family. "Pfft, that little, insufferable smart-Alec." He mildly spewed with anger. "She thinks she is so smart and better than everyone else. I'm so glad o don't have to deal with her anymore.

he decided to not let it get to his head, and maybe some comic book reading would get his mind off his "former sisters." As he kept turning the pages and pages, he started forgetting about what he was even mad about in the first place, and smiled as he was looking at the cool action pictures of Ace Savvy fighting bad guys one by one.

when he was done reading his comics, Lincoln turned on the TV, and turned the channel to the paranormal network. "Today's episode of Monster Catchers is the Maryland Goatman!" Said the announcer."

"alright!" Lincoln cheered.

when he was watching the show, he was really enjoying the information about this cryptid creature.

The facts were simply amazing, from the fact the monster was a scientist before his hideous transformation happened when a genetic experiment went horribly wrong.

Lincoln started to wish he could be like these monster catchers, or the guys fo m "Argh!"

just then, the doorbell rang. And Harold called "I'll get it!"

Lincoln then wondered "hmm, I wonder who that could be. Probably a solicitor, the mailman, or the daily paper." Then he gasped at another thought "or my... former sisters." Then he hid under the covers so they wouldn't find him.

it was just then the door opened, and Lincoln was completely still like a stone, pretending to be like a pile of pillows so none of the girls would try to recognize him. "Lincoln, you're parents are here to see you." Said Harold.

then his eyes bolted up, and then lifted the covers. Harold was right, his parents were right in front of him, looking very worried and concerned. "Oh. Mom, dad. It's just you." He sighed.

"Lincoln, thank goodness you're alright." Said Lynn Sr. then both parents opened their arms and Lincoln walked up and hugged them both. "We were so worried about you back there."

"please don't scare us silly like that, sweetie." Rita added. "What happened?"

"mom, dad, I'm sorry I came here without consulting either one of you, but I am sick of my sis- I mean ex-sisters back at the house. They push me around and bully me too many times, and I had it." He began to feel bitter again.

"what do you mean, champ?" Said Lynn Sr. in confusion.

"they don't love me, they just want me around like I am just a hired help or a means to an end, and all that bullshit!"

Rita gasped "Lincoln! Watch you're language!"

Lincoln made a sigh. "I'm sorry." He stated flatly. "I just don't want to deal with them ever again, they don't really love me." Then he turned his back on them and pouted with his arms crossed.

his dad bent down on one knee, and put his hand on his right shoulder. "Lincoln, your sisters do love you. They all do."

"pfft, yeah right." Lincoln doubted that statement. "They only say that so they can use me."

"They don't use you." said Rita, urging him also. "We miss you, Lincoln. They all miss you."

Lincoln still shrugged it off. "Look, I don't want anything to do with them anymore!" he said, his voice starting to rise to a scream. Then he began to shed a tear from his left eye and held his throat back. "They all tease me and pick on me, like i'm nothing but a practice dummy for a boxing match."

"You know that's not true!"

"Yes it is, dad!" Lincoln countered, turning back around and removing Lynn Sr's hand off his shoulder. "Let's not forget about yesterday, how they accused me about clogging the toilet again, that I clearly did not do!"

"We know, it was Lola that did it, and she didn't want to admit it, and she's sorry she ever did that!" Rita remarked.

"I'm sorry for wrongfully grounding you yesterday." said the father.

"No, I am done with all of them, They are just a bunch of selfish-!" he took a breath "I'm not gonna say it, you guys told me that it was a very evil word to say."

Both parents were glad that he didn't say that awful word on girls, but they were still upset about Lincoln not wanting to come back home. "Son, please listen to reason. Please come back home with us!"

"No! I want nothing to do with them anymore!"

"Hey hey hey, everything okay in here?" asked Howard. He, Harold, and Clyde came in the room to see what the commotion was all about.

"It's fine, guys, we're just having a discussion." Lincoln said to them.

"A loud discussion." Clyde corrected

"right, sorry." and with a change of demeanor, Lincoln shouted at his parents "The answer is no! That is final!"

"When we got home, you're sisters were crying their eyes out!." Rita argued. "They were so miserable without you."

"I don't want to deal with anymore of this, being wrongfully accused and grounded for not fucking reason by them! and be put up with a bunch of fucking whiny bitches for sisters!"

"HEY!" Lynn Sr shouted at his son. "Do not talk about you're sisters like that!"

"I don't want to deal with anymore picking from those evil lowlifes! okay, I know they hate me because I have a nightmare about them saying they hated me, and they sent me to Hell to be tormented for the rest of my afterlife!" then he angrily swiped his comic books off the bed. He was feeling so mad now, that we wanted to just break a window to let his anger out. Instead, he punched the wall, but it had little affect, and it made his fist sore, and he whined in pain.

Both parents saw the anger and despair in Lincoln's eyes, now even more tears were falling from his face, and he fell on his two knees, sobbing quietly.

"Well, this seems like a family matter, come on, family." said Harold.

"Right behind you dad." Clyde agreed hurriedly, then all three McBride's rushed out of the guest room to give them some privacy and not get in a middle of a crossfire.

Both Rita and Lynn Sr bent down to comfort their son, clearly in a state of despair "Why did I have to be put up with such horrible sisters?" he sobbed. "They treat me like pure bullshit."

"Lincoln, they love you." said Lynn Sr."

"I told you they just say that so they can just bully me some more." Lincoln countered. "I hate them! I just wish those sluts would just die!" both his parents were shocked to hear they're son hear that."

"Sweetie, if you can just come back with us, we can show-"

"I just want to be alone!" Lincoln shouted at them at the top of his lungs. "Look, I only left my sisters, not you guys, or the pets, and of course i'll miss you guys. I still love you." then he hugged them again before wiping a tear from his eye. Both his parents hugged him back. "I just hate my ex-sisters so much."

"We love you too, Lincoln." said Lynn Sr "but technically you did leave us, too."

"What i am trying to say is I don't belong at that house. I belong here with Clyde, since he is like a brother I never had in my life before. I never belonged there.

"Don't say that." said Lynn Sr. "You're our only son, and you are one of the best eleven things that ever happened to me and you're mother, we both love you very much with all our hearts."

"that's right."

Lincoln made a small sigh. "look, you guys are always welcome to come here and visit me, as long as you don't bring my sisters."

"But why not come visit our house?" the mom asked

"because I will have to deal with those harpies i call sisters."

"That's enough!" said Rita

"No! I am never coming back there to see my sisters again! I'm happy without them! and they can all burn in hell for all I care!" then he began sobbing again, and went into his bed. He lifted his head off, and said "Please just leave me alone, I just want to be alone."

Lynn Sr, and Rita could hardly bear to see their one and only son like this Both of them reluctantly agreed, but both parents walked up to him, and slowly placed one hand on his naked back. "Listen, Lincoln." said Rita in a soft, motherly voice. "If you ever want to come back, you are always more than welcome to to, sweetie."

"Every one of you're sister love you, Lincoln. So do we." the father added. "And if you ever change you're mind and come back home, we'll be waiting there for you, and so will you're sisters."

Lincoln was silent for a minute, but he finally said "Okay."

"See you later, sweetie."

"Bye Lincoln." then both parents exited the guest room and Lincoln was alone again, sobbing quietly under the covers

it was just then Clyde went in the guest room to check on his best friend to see if he was doing okay. He looked at him with a very sympathetic look in his eyes through his large glasses. "Lincoln, are you okay, pal?"

his best friend lifted his face, looking sad. Lincoln looked at Clyde and said "no." Then he sighed.

Clyde out a hand on his back and patted it gently. "It's okay, buddy. Let it out." He said softly. Lincoln was more than happy to have someone like Clyde by his side. He can always count on Clyde to try and help him.

Back at the Loud House, all the sisters weren't crying so loudly anymore, and there wasn't as much tears like before.

nonetheless, that didn't mean they were feeling better, no, they were the opposite as a matter of fact.

all ten sisters were in their rooms, depressed about Lincoln not living with them anymore. It was just then they heard the front door open and close. It had to be their parents, and they all went downstairs

Rita and Lynn Sr had sad looks on their faces. "This is not good, honey." The father sighed "not good at all."


"well? What did Lincoln say?" Asked Leni

both parents didn't know how to explain this to the kids, and stammered a little. "Well, um- how can we say this, girls." Said the dad

"tell us! What did Lincoln say?" Lola demanded

Rita explained by saying "Lincoln does not want to come back. Turns out he wants nothing to do with all of you, just like you said you didn't"

the girls felt like crying again. "Well Lola, for blaming Lincoln for clogging the toilet, you're grounded for a month!" Said Lynn Sr in anger

"What?! But mom, dad-!"

"don't but mom and dad us!" Rita added. "It's what you get for lying about the toilet, and no beauty pageants either."

"looks like you will have to let Lindsay Sweetwater win this year's cute and kind pageant!" Said Lynn Sr.

"Aww!" Lola kicked at the ground in frustration. "Look, I don't care about that anymore, I just want Lincoln to come back.

"so do we." Lucy added, wiping the black mascara off her cheeks from the falling tears. "We're nothing without our one and only brother."

"Yeah, I want him to see how much we love him so much." Luna agreed. "I just wish we can make him understand."

"Why is Lincoln so angry with us?" Asked Lori

"you called him a twerp you twat!" Luna angrily replied to her. "You're always picking on him the most out of us!"

Lori gave an offended gasp "Me?! Like you're all innocent angels?! Lynn, you're the one always giving him playful games!"

"at least I don't laugh at him when he is looking like Ozzy Osbourne, Luna!"

"don't you pin this on me, it was Lola who is always harsh to him!" Luna defended herself.

then they all began to fight again, causing quite a commotion. "Stop it!" Said Lynn Sr. "fighting solves Nothing! You all know better than that!"

all ten of the sisters stopped their fighting and looked at each other with guilt. "He's right." Said Lana. "We're all to blame here. And we do laugh at him at times, like yesterday when he ripped his underpants. He was really upset about it and we were jerks to him."

"and we got to lay the piper for it, we lost our brother in an instant." Luna said sadly. She. Was too depressed to even thinking of a joke this time, and then she pretending to be trapped in a box again.

"Linky." Lily said really sale-like. Tears were forming in her eyes again. "Linky come back."

Then Charles came in with the broken picture from Lincoln's room in his mouth, then he sat it on the floor. The others looked at it and saw that the glass was shattered, and the picture looked a little crooked from the impact of the fall though the window

Luna took it the worst from this. She began to sob quietly, realizing that Lincoln was serious about disowning them. She remembered about yesterday with the ripped underwear and the clogged toilet, and blamed herself for it. "We need to get Lincoln back."

"we tried getting him back, Luna, it didn't work." Said Rita. "He just... needs to be alone at the time. He just needs to cool off."

"you're mother's right, girls."

"but when will Lincoln come back to us?" Asked Luna. "I just want my brother back."

"we know, Luna, but we don't know for sure when Lincoln will come back. It could be in a week, tomorrow, or sooner or later than that, but we just need to... be patient."

"did you tell him we all miss him?" Asked Leni.

Rita nodded "he didn't believe us though, and he said he was happy being with Clyde and his fathers."

what she said made them all sad and guilt-stricken even more. "In the meantime, it's probably not a good idea to try and go to the house, and get Lincoln back. Because he doesn't even want to look at you anyway." Said Lynn Sr sadly, bowing his head.

all the sisters were unsure about this.

"I don't like this dad, please let me talk to him. I'm the closest to him than anyone else here."

"we know, Luna. I mean, you can try to talk to him, but it probably won't change his mind."

Luna thought about it, and said "well, yeah. Maybe we all just need to leave him a,one for a while."

"we already caused enough damage to him." Said Lori sadly. The other sisters agreed.

"normally I do not care for severe sadness and depression, but WAAHAAHAAA!" Then she began bawling loudly with a fountain of tears raining from her eyes like a garden sprinkler.

the parents then comforted the girls in any way they can by hugging them lovingly. "He'll come back girls. We promise." Said Lynn Sr.

in her head, while looking outside the window at the street where Clyde's house was, she was thinking. "Lincoln, I love you, dude. Please come back to us, I... I'm sorry. You're my reason to live, and you're the heaven in my hell."

hopefully, she can try to bring Lincoln back home, she just needs to think of what she can do to make it happen. For this, she was the one who missed Lincoln the most.
Lincoln is Done Chapter 3: Getting Lincoln Back
Lincoln's parents, Lynn Sr and Rita Loud go to the McBride residence to get their one and only son back home. He might scream at them, but they were willing to take that chance, because they want to do whatever it takes to get their son to come back home.

Rights for the Loud House go to Chris Savino
Rights for Lincoln is Done got to me
It was awfully dark in the woods. The full moon was out and a wolf was heard howling through the night, with a loon calling out multiple times after that. Lincoln was extra careful trending through this part of the woods in nighttime. Good thing he had a heavy duty flashlight because he definitely had no night vision like a lion or a tiger or bear would have.

Scary as it was going out here, Lincoln had no choice, he had to find Clyde and save him from whatever danger there was in these woods. He knew that going out here without a type of gun wouldn't be safe, he would make this as quick as possible to find his best friend. "Oh Clyde, where are you?" he thought.

The sound of crickets chirping and some wolves howling was making it all the more scary, but then he remembered how his sisters helped him with some situations. He heard a loud snap as he was still walking through the bushes. Startled, he looked down to find a broken tree branch, then he sighed in relief. He thought of the Slender Man video games he played and it kind of felt like it, going out in the middle of the woods, unarmed with a flashlight.

"Ah, what am I thinking? This is the real world, not Slender." Lincoln thought out loud. "I need to lay off those games for a while."

Just then, as he kept pushing forward, he heard heard a growling noise. Shaking, he looked in many directions, but he didn't see anything at all. Was it hiding in the bushes? He didn't want to stay to find out, that was a promised he made to himself. He ventured deeper and deeper into these parts of the woods, which looked off limits for any campers, considering the fact there wasn't any space to build a campground anyway.

"Hello?" He called out, with only an echo to wail back to him. "Clyde? Are you out here, buddy?" Still no answer, but only an echo.

"Lincoln?" a familiar voice finally replied to him in the distance. It was Clyde, Lincoln knew that voice all too well, and it had to be him. "Lincoln? can you hear me?" he added

"Clyde!" his friend exclaimed as he jumped with joy. "I'm here! Where are you?"

"Over here! Just follow the sound of my voice!" Lincoln was more than glad to hear that his best friend was still alive, and he hurriedly went to the direction from where his voice came from. He didn't even care about the bushes that were in his way, and dodged every tree that would try and stop him from continuing. After at least many yards, say one hundred yards, he finally found Clyde, scared, under a large pine tree. "Buddy! Are you okay?"

"Yeah. I think so. I... I just got scared coming out here. And... I didn't think you would come looking for me." he admitted with guilt

"Clyde." said Lincoln with a sad smile "You're my best friend, and always will be, nothing will ever change that." He got the sense of deja vu from the time Luna comforted him in the middle of the night the other day about how special he was to her, but this time, it was him, and his best friend he ever knew. "I would never think of you as a third wheel, and even if me and Luna might be closer because we are sisters, you're just as close as both of us."

"You... you mean that, Linc?"

"Of course. Clincon McCloud, remember?"

Clyde smiled. "Clincon McCloud." he agreed. Then Lincoln helped him get back up.

"Are you hurt?"

"No. I'm fine."

"Good. I was worried that you would get mauled by wolves or bears or mountain lions."

"Me too." He cleared his throat. "Listen, i'm sorry about what I said back there, and to Luna. I know you guys are sisters, but I was just mad, I didn't mean to say those things."

Lincoln looked at him with remorse. "It's okay, Clyde. Let's just get back to the campsite. It's my fault, I should have been treating you like my best friend. I never meant to treat you like a third wheel. Luna, she... she means everything to me, you know? She is the best sister I could ever ask for, and I'm like the little brother vice versa."

His best friend sighed with guilt. "I know, I know how you guys feel about each other, I even forgotten about the time she helped us escape from mall jail to attend the SMOOCH concert."

"Best show ever!" they said in unison with the devil horn gesture on both hands. "Come on, buddy. Let's get back to the camp before my dad's have a nervous breakdown."

Lincoln chuckled. "Right" Then they happily walked out of these dark and scary woods, with Lincoln shining the way with his flashlight. It was just then that growling noise he heard before and they both jumped, hugging each other. "What was that?"

"I heard that growling before." Clyde remembered. "What is it?"

"I don't know." Lincoln shun the flashlight in many directions to try and see what is out there. then it was just then a large gray wolf came out of the bushes. It was gigantic, and had a scar on his right eye. His color was actually white instead of gray, and it looked terrifying, his yellow eyes glowing and his teeth looking bone white and bare.

From the looks of it's scar, it probably had a fight with another wolf, so he could possibly be the alpha male of some pack. Lincoln and Clyde were more than scared to encounter such a scary beast like this one. Now Lincoln wished he had a gun with him. The beast made a low rumbling growl that scared the boys even more

"Easy Clyde, it's just one wolf. No biggie." said Lincoln.

"Yeah, i guess so."

But just their luck, more wolves that were apparently smaller than the first one, probably a number of twelve, thirteen, or maybe even twenty or thirty wolves, appeared from more bushes. Now Lincoln and Clyde's hearts sank to their feet, and gulped with complete terror. "Maybe these wolves aren't so aggressive, probably just curious." Clyde said

They looked at the alpha male, and they saw the look in his eyes, wanting to maul or eat both of them. "Uhhh, nice wolf." Lincoln attempted to calm it down. "We're just... little boys passing by. He tried to reach his hand to it, but the wolf in return, tried to bite it off, but Lincoln moved his hand back before the creature could lay his teeth on his skin. "Yeah, not friendly

"Any options, Lincoln?"

"Well, I got one thing to say." Lincoln replied

"What's that?"

"RUUUUUUNNNNN!" Then both boys ran through the forest as fast as they could, with the wolf pack pursuing behind them, and the white alpha male in front of them, possibly the fastest one. Lincoln and Clyde ran and ran and ran as fast as they could, but alas, human speed was no match for a wolf's speed, since almost any animal with four legs can run faster than humans.

Before they could even think, Lincoln was pounced from behind him, and rolled on the ground with a few bruises. Clyde was about to help him, but was being stopped by the other wolves in the pack, and then ran up to a tree.

"Lincoln!" Clyde yelled

He found himself face to face with the white alpha male and the monster barred his sharp teeth at him. his left paw was pressing down on Lincoln's body, his claws were so sharp, they were tearing into his orange shirt. If this was keeping up, the claws might puncture into Lincoln's flesh, and might bleed out from four holes on his chest.

The wolf was about to eat Lincoln, starting with the head. Lincoln screamed at the top of his lungs, but when the Wolf's mouth could get it's grip on Lincoln's head, a loud "BOOM!" was heard. Just then, he saw the wolf fall dead. The boy got off the ground and pushed the claw off of his body, scarping the dirt off his shirt.

He looked and saw Luna with a hunting shotgun with her. "Luna!" he exclaimed with joy

"Get away from my brother you mangy mutts!" Luna said. She fired the shotgun again, but this time in the air, and she scared all of the remaining wolves away. She promptly cocked the gun in triumph and put it down to help her little brother. "You okay, Lincoln?" she asked. "Are you hurt? Do i need to call the doctor?"

"No, i'm okay, thanks to you." Lincoln said.

"Always happy to help you, little bro." Luna looked around and asked "Where's Clyde?"

"Up here." he called to her from the tree. Then Lincoln's best friend promptly went back down the tree, more than happy to see Luna again. "Uh, thanks for saving us, Luna, and i'm sorry if I was so mad at you, and the way I acted."

"Aww, it's okay, buddy." Luna replied, giving him a pat on the back. "I understand. And I'm sorry if I was in the way of you and Lincoln's camping together. I knew me coming here was a bad idea."

"No, it's okay. It was great you came here. It was actually fun. Luna, you are a great girl, and a gifted musician too. Can you ever forgive me for my anger outburst like that?"

"Of course, Clyde. I forgive you." then they both smiled gratefully.

"I wonder, where did you get that shotgun?"

"Uncle Brent lend it to me just in case something like this happens before we left. Like he always said, when out camping, always be prepared for anything."

Lincoln laughed "Good ole uncle Brent." All three looked at the alpha's corpse, with blood dripping from his body, into the soil. "I hope he's dead, I would hate for it to jump on me again."

Clyde pulled out a long tree branch and poked the creature's body. It wasn't moving anymore, so it was dead alright. "Yep, it's dead." he said, putting the branch back on the ground. "Come on, let's get back to camp."


"You're dad's were worried about you, Clyde, you know that?"

"Of course I know that." Clyde chuckled. "I hope they are not mad at me."

"Don't worry, dude, they're just worried about you."

It was a little bit of a long walk back to the campsite, but they made it. Harold and Howard were more than happy to see their son in one piece. "Clyde!" they exclaimed with joy. They both picked up Clyde and held him tightly.

"Are you alright, sport?" asked Harold.

"I'm okay." he replied "Thanks to Luna. And Lincoln."

"Good. Son, don't ever run off like that, we were so worried about you." said Howard. "It can be very dangerous out there, especially at night."

"We know that." said Lincoln in agreement. "We just encountered a pack of wolves out there."

"Wolves?" both fathers exclaimed with surprise.

"Don't worry, Mr. and Mr. McBride, I scared them away with this." Luna cocked her uncle's shotgun again. "They won't be bothering us again anytime soon."

Clyde had a look of remorse and guilt to his dad's. "I'm really sorry I ran off like that. I promise I will never do this again."

Both dads smiled "Good." said Harold. "And I believe you owe Luna an apology."

"He already did, sir." Luna pointed.


Lincoln yawned and stretch his arms. "I'm getting tired, I need to call it a night and hit the hay."

"Me too." Clyde agreed.

They all went into their tents where one had Lincoln, Clyde, and Luna, while the other smaller one had the fathers in it. Clyde fell asleep quickly and was snoring through the night.

"Thank you so much, Luna." Lincoln said "For saving me and Clyde. Without you, I would have been made into wolf food."

Luna chuckled, and gently stroke his head. "Anytime, Linc. Anytime."

"Hey, do you mind if I... sleep close to you? not in a weird way, but-"

"It's okay, bro. Come here." then Lincoln was in Luna's arms as they both laid together in the sleeping bag. "Goodnight, dude. I love you."

"I love you too, Luna." Then they both fell asleep, close together, and never breaking up in their sleep together
Special Sibling Bond Chapter 10: Wolf Attack
Lincoln went to look for Clyde after his jealousy fully got the best of him, and snap in complete anger. Poor Clyde doesn't even know what he is up against in the dark forest at night. On the way, Lincoln and Clyde encounter something really scary. Enjoy!

Rights for the Loud house go to Chris Savino.
Rights for Special Sibling Bond go to me
Ah, the great outdoors. Home of the trees growing as high as a two-story building, and home of the animals such as the bears, raccoons, wolves, foxes, and other woodland creatures. Yes, it was a beautiful summer day for Lincoln and Clyde in their little bro-camping trip together, the same for Harold and Howard McBride, and Luna all at once. Nonetheless, Clyde still has a little bit of jealousy and sadness because of Lincoln and Luna hanging out together. Still feeling neglected, he was determined that Lincoln and Clyde have the best camping trip of their lives.

the campfire was just about finished, just a few more rocks and a few more branches and twigs then it will be completely finished to start the fire.

at last when it was finished, Luna promptly swiped her hands in triumph, for she was the one to carry the last stone to the fire. "Cheers, mates." She remarked in her British accent with the devil born gesture formed on her hand.

"well, very nice job, everyone." Said Harold. "Now this is a campsite.

"oh Harold, it looks so much nicer than I expected it to be."

"me too, Howard, me too." Then the gay fathers hugged and kissed each hers cheek like a person from France would do as a greeting or something complimentary.

"thank you so much for letting me come here little bro." Luna gave Lincoln a gentle pat on his shoulder with affection. "We came here at the right time and day."

"yeah, it a cloud in the sky."

"sweeet emotion." Luna agreed.

"so, what do you guys wanna do first?" Clyde asked them

"how about canoeing? Just relaxing on the lake's waters, looking around the shores and seeing many fish swim by us, and maybe some fishing?"

Clyde's fathers came out of the tent with fishing wear. "Exactly what we were thinking, son." Said Howard.

"do we have any fishing stuff? a hat, and fisherman's clothing?" Lincoln asked curiously.

Luna nodded and pulled out her hat and fishing vest. "Right here, Linc."

Both Lincoln and Clyde smiled and they were all ready to try out for any fishing. When they all arrived at the lake, it was so peaceful and serene. The waters sparkling under the sun, and the summer breeze hitting against everyone's skin

Lincoln looked into the waters, and saw a small bunch of fish, htjnhe could 't really tell because of the sun's reflection distracting him sometimes

his best friend was trying to know how to work a fishing lure, and the wire. Clyde was holding a dead cichlid in hand, and gently pushed it against the hook. However, because of his clumsiness, he accidentally locked his finger.

"Ow!" He exclaimed, putting his finger in his mouth to make it stop hurting.

"Here, let me help you with that son." Said Harold.

Clyde's father was showing him how to properly prepare a fishing rod, and it was fixed for him. "Thanks dad."

"no problem, son."

"hey Luna, is that the rocket fishing rod like we seen on tv?" Lincoln noticed

"yep, this baby is awesome. It's so much easier to handle than any ordinary fishing net, no mess or problems."

"isn't that thing a little loud that it might scare the fishes?" Asked Howard

"heck no." Luna retorted "one of my friends has one and she said it is perfect for fishing. She even caught a lot of fish with it."

"ahh, well if that's the case, go for it."

"Alright! Rock n roll!" Then they all began there fishing. It all took a while, but the main key for fishing is patience. Something will come, big or small, they might never know what.

overtime, most catches were on the small side, like cichlids or fish that looked like sardines, guppies, and some trout. There were a few large fish like a sockeye salmon from Luna, and a bass from Clyde.

just then, Lincoln felt his rod being pulled, and almost got thrown overboard, but Luna, Clyde, and his fathers pulled him back in. The mysterious fish was putting up quite a fight, trying to pull Lincoln overboard like this,

"Fish on!" Lincoln exclaimed. He was reeling in the our as fast as he could, but the beast was indeed, putting up quite a fight.

he was pulling himself back, gritting his teeth as he was using as much strength he can give to the fish.

Lincoln was starting to lose, and when it was lost, Clyde came and helped him pull the lure, and then !una stepped up

"Don"t worry, Lincoln, We got your back!" Said Clyde

all three were all pulling the fish back to see who it was. Thanks to the extra muscle provided by Clyde and Luna, the beast was the one who was starting to lose now.

after one hundred and twenty seconds, they finally got the creature on the boat. They all could hardly believe what they were seeing, a lake sturgeon about five feet long, and had yellow eyes.

"whoa! A sturgeon." Lincoln said.

then the others cheered in victory.

"should we eat it. It looks good." Said Howard.

"well..." Lincoln looked at it and through it's eyes, hearing the fish's heavy breathing, he was just gasping for air. "Nah, just let it go. Besides, aren't these fish kind of endangered?"

"oh! Of course," said Harold. "I must have missed it. Then all five lifted the sturgeon, turning out to be heavier than they thought it would be, and threw it back to the water.

"well that was fun." Said Lincoln.

"let's hear it for Lincoln for catching the biggest fish ever!" Said Luna with cheer. Then she and the other three praised Lincoln for having a river monster such as a sturgeon. Then they all went back to fishing.

After an hour and thirty minutes, they were all finished and had their fun, and then docked the boat back to the shore where the campsite was.

after they took off their fishing gear, Luna then said to her little brother "that was awesome little brother. I never thought you would catch a fish like that. Congrats, Lincoln!" Then she hugged him as another reward.

Lincoln was touched and hugged Luna back. "Thanks, Luna."

"no problem, dude."

When Clyde saw that, he felt more jealousy and anger building up inside him. Nonetheless, he went up to his best friend and stated "and what about me? I am your best friend."

"of course, Clyde." Lincoln said. "I really thank you too. I couldn't have done it without you. Out of you." Then they all formed a great hug.

meanwhile, Harold was tending to Howard as the dewlap of his right ear was bleeding, because he was a little clumsy with the fishing pole and accidentally got the hook caught on his ear flab like an earring, a lure earring. "Hold still, Howie, hold still."

"Ow, it's fine. This kind of stuff happens all the time."

It was the evening at last, and the campfire was crackling in the center of the campsite. All five of the campers were all sitting together on logs with Lincoln sitting with Luna and Clyde was sitting with him also, but on the opposite side.

Harold and Howard McBride were sitting by themselves on a log, having some s'mores.

"here's a marshemellow, Clyde." Lincoln passed the white fluffy treat to his beast friend. Clyde was more than grateful.

"thanks, buddy.""What about me, bro?"

"oh yeah of course." Then Lincoln gave another treat to his big sis.

then they all were having some s'mores. What would be camping without any s'mores around the campfire? A rather unusual camping spot, that's what.

After that little evening snack, Howard then asked Luna "say, do you think you can play us a campfire song, Luna?"

"oh yeah!" Then he pulled out an acoustic guitar, feeling more than ready to play a song on this fine night.

After Luna was pitching her strings to the right type of sounds, she played Ghost riders in the Sky, a camp story classic.

when the song was over, they all clapped their hands and cheered for her, minus Clyde, who was now more than jealous, and then the other three stopped their praising

"wow, Luna, you are the best!" Lincoln cheered.

After hearing that, Clyde could hold it on no longer. "Her? The best?" He said in a voice that sounded like he was angry. "What about me, your best friend?"

"what?" Lincoln said, really confused.

"oh please. You guys have a special connection together while I am being a third wheel. I can't believe I said you can come, Luna! Thank you so much for ruining everything!"

Luna was offended and had a feeling of hurt and confusion.

"Clyde McBride!" Harold scolded him deeply, looking rather stiff. "What is the matter with you?"

"This was supposed to be something between me and you, Lincoln! Only us, no one else! And yet you had to bring her to ruin everything! Ever since you and Alina were closer, you started treating me like a third wheel! And I am so sick of that!"

"Clyde! Calm down!" Lincoln said

"No! I'm done, I... I just can't be near you right now!" Then Clyde moved his eyes toward Luna and rudely said "oh and again, thanks for ruining this trip." Then he walked into the woods through the bushes.

"Clyde McBride, you get back here this instant, young man!" Said Howard

"No! I need to be alone!" Clyde replied. His voice sounded a little on crack, like he was crying.

"Listen to your father young man!" Harold said.

however, Clyde didn't reply back. Both his fathers tried calling his name, but to no avail. Now they were both really worried.

"What have I done?" Lincoln said. "I knew Clyde was jealous." He buried his head in his legs sadly.

Luna put her hand on the back of his head, touching his white hair. "No, it's my fault bro."

"why you?"

"Well, I knew that if I came here, it would make Clyde even more jealous." Luna admitted sadly.

"no Luna, you're my sister. I'm sure Clyde was just overreacting." Lincoln pulled his face back up. "Well, I guess I better look for him."

"wait, what about me?" Luna said

"no, I have to do this alone. Only I can talk some sense into him."

"but, it's dangerous after dark, like there can be wolves, bears, cougars, elk, moose, and other dangerous animals out there." Luna urged.

"Clyde wouldn't have gotten that far. Don't worry, I'll be back."

"No! If anything happened to you, I would never forgive myself." Luna argued.

"Luna, please! I'll be okay, this will only be a few minutes and I have a flashlight and a pepper spray for protection."

his big sister was persistent, but she finally replied "okay, but please be careful, I don't wanna lose you."

"I will." Then Lincoln went into the woods to look for his best friend.
Special Sibling Bond Chapter 9: Great Outdoors
Finally at the campsite within the woods of Michigan. Everyone is having fun, and Lincoln having more of it since his closest sister was with him, much to the chagrin of Clyde. He tries his very best to be happy with this trip with his own best friend.

Rights for the Loud house go to Chris Savino
Rights for the story go to me
At the Pizza Arcade, Lincoln and Luna were playing Guitar Hero (the arcade version of course). So far, Lincoln was the one winning this little match from this amazing video game. Luna however, was getting close to being his score, even if she hasn't played Guitar Hero as much as her little brother did, because Lincoln was the master video game player of the family.

"Come on bro, is that the best you got?" Luna said playfully.

"Oh no, I'll show you what i'm made of, sis!" Lincoln said while laughing with joy. At the very end of the level, ultimately, Lincoln was the one who was victorious. He cheered in triumph while Luna was was cheering him on.

"wow bro, that was so amazing!" She said proudly. "That's way better than my score."

"really? You played Guitar Hero before, Luna?"

"oh yeah, dozens of times, even though I prefer playing the real guitar."

"good game, Luna."

"aww, thanks Linc you too." She replied happily, then they both hugged each other again.

It was just then their stomachs were growling simultaneously. "Uh oh, I'm getting hungry. Wanna get some pizza?"

Luna smiled "you read my mind, dude." Then they left the guitar hero machine and sat at a table. They both relaxed on the seats for a little before actually getting their lunch.

"so, Luna"


"how would you like to camping with me and Clyde tomorrow?"

Luna's eyes went wide. "Really? That's very nice of you, Lincoln, but... but..."

"but what?"

She cleared her throat, and concluded "I thought this was something that you and Clyde are supposed to do alone? I'm worried that I might that I might spoil all the fun, and besides, he wouldn't welcome me to the jungle that you guys would spend."

"nonsense." Said Lincoln. "Clyde wouldn't mind you coming along. He likes just about everyone."

Luna chuckled and agreed with him by saying "yeah, and what's it to like about Clyde? Hahaha."

Lincoln made a small laugh with her. "Even though he can be a little awkward,he is still a great guy."

"I know, I've seen how sweet he can be, after all, he was with you on the Smooch concert."

"exactly. Thanks to you."

"ah come here, you." Then they hugged each other once more. "So, I'll get the pizza for us."

"that's cool." It took a little while, but the pizza was hot and ready out of the oven. Of course it was worth the wait, and they could hardly wait to get the pizza into their mouths.

it was a large pepperoni, the classic, and another one with bacon and ham pieces. Lincoln licked his lips while Luna's mouth was watering from how exquisite they looked. The yummy melted cheese and the toppings looked so good.

after gazing at the deliciousness, the both dug in. Oh the taste was so much more than they can handle. They both had one piece from each of the two pizzas and they both eat it rather fast.

they must have been really hungry, if not, they wouldn't have been eating it so fast-like.

Finally, after they were done eating their lunch, Lincoln let out a large and loud burp after patting his stomach. He then covered his mouth. "Excuse me." He said

"hahahaha! Good one bro." Luna chuckled. "But that's nothing compared to Lola, and she's supposed to be a spoiled girly girl."

"I know right?" Lincoln agreed. "I'm really surprised that Lola could burp like a hippo would do after eating a box-load of grass, and she thinks she is little miss perfect."

"yeah, I mean, what's the deal?"

they both had a laugh and then Lincoln suddenly had a frown on his face. Luna then noticed and had a look of concern at him

"what's wrong,Lincoln?" She asked, wiping a small patch of pizza sauce from the bottom of her lower lip.

"well, I was thinking about Clyde. You see, I think he might be jealous of me hanging out with you like this and I think he feels like a third wheel now."

"ah, bro. Clyde is your best friend. He could never be mad at you. I mean, you are my little bro after all."

"yeah, I know. You're right."

"and you are going camping with him tomorrow, remember?"

"oh yeah, I forgot." Lincoln rubbed the back of his head. Then Luna let out a small burp of her own. Then she covered her mouth

"excuse me, mate." She said

"that was pretty good." Lincoln congratulated her with a small clapping of hands.

"heh. Yeah I guess so." Luna made another small and adorable laugh. "So sure, I would be happy to come with you guys. Nothing like going out in the wilderness with my favorite little brother in the world." She gave him a gentle jab on his arm

Lincoln gave a small playful laugh in response. "And do you think you can sing a campfire song for us?"

"heck yeah! I would love to give out a campfire song for you guys."

Then an employee came over with some yummy cheese bread with herbs and garlic pieces on it.

"oh great! Cheese bread!" Lincoln said with cheer, and he licked his lips again.

"yeah, side dishes." Luna said, just as happy as he was. Then they both dug into the bread

The Next Day

it was yet another bright sunny morning, and Lincoln was practicing on his new guitar that Luna gave him and he was getting better and better. It was almost time for him and Luna to go camping like in about thirty minutes

So they will expect Clyde and his two fathers to arrive then. So after Lincoln was done practicing his guitar skills, he put it back in his case, back to his bedroom. Meanwhile Luna was getting one of her bags ready for the camping trip.

In her thoughts, she still had some doubts whether it was a good idea for Lincoln to bring herself along for this trip. This did sound like this little camping trip was more like for Lincoln and Clyde like bros would do together. Nonetheless, she will go on behalf of her brother's request, and nothing would make her more happy to make Lincoln happy.

Her brother went into her and Luan's room, and asked "You all set, Luna?"

"Yep! I got the night on my side for when we get there." Luna said with confidence

"Hey, be careful when you guys are camping out there." Luan warned

"Why?" Lincoln asked her

Then in a quick change of demeanor, she said "because it might get in tents! Hahahaha!" she joked. As usual, both Lincoln and Luna moaned in irritation.

"Real classy, Luan, really classy." Luna said sarcastically

"Well you know what they say." then she put on groocho glasses on her face, and concluded. "You can't beat the classics! Hahaha!" then she immediately took them off after that

Lincoln and Luna were still a little irritated by this and the rocker sister was all set for the trip. "Okay, well, we might as well wait for the Clydesdale and his dads to come here."

"Yep, I guess so.

"Oh and one more thing, this trip might be a little too much to bear!" Luan laughed some more.

Lincoln and Luna groaned again, then left the room. "Well, it was nice for mom and dad to let us go camping with Clyde and his dads. I hope they will be okay with it."

"Of course they're okay with it, bro. It is for one night after all, and it's not like we're going to military school."

Lincoln chortled "Oh yeah, that would be so true, but we are too nice and good to be sent there anyway."

"True. We would have to be criminals to be sent there." they both had a good laugh about it.

Then they both waited on the couch for Clyde and his dads to show up. They were watching Guns N Roses, partially reunited with Slash and Duff Mckagan back in the group. the both enjoyed it.

"So bro, I was wondering, who was Clyde's mom?"

"Well, he doesn't like to talk about it, but I'll tell you, you see-" however he was interrupted when the doorbell rang "Nevermind." he said, then he went to get it, and there they were. "Hello Clyde, hey Mr and Mr McBride"

"Hello Lincoln." both the dads replied in unison

"Ready for a special camping night, buddy?"

"Of course. And Clyde, can Luna come too?"

He looked at his older sister "Hmmm, sure, why not. You guys look really happy together, so why not." he decided.

"Cheers mate!" Luna cheered." then the fathers went to tell Rita and Lynn Sr that they will be leaving now.

"Have fun guys, and stay away from wolves, mountain lions, and bears!" Lynn Sr called to them.

"Call us if there is any trouble." Rita added

"Okay, see you soon."

Then they were off to the woods to start there camping. Inside, Clyde was happy that Luna was coming with them, because he doesn't really mind the extra company, but he was also worried that Lincoln might forget about him during the camping, and might do something fun with Luna instead. The jealousy was slowly coming back to him again, but he kept his cool and decided to wait until they all get to their destination.

In the meantime, maybe this camping trip might be the best one yet.
Special Sibling Bond Chapter 8: Camping Trip
Lincoln and Luna go with Clyde on a camping trip with his two fathers. However Clyde's jealousy and sadness starts to grow more and more inside of him. How will this camping trip end? in a fiasco? or a great adventure?

Rights for the Loud house go to Chris Savino
Rights for Special Sibling Bond go to Me


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